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Astrology Lovers Gift Guide: The Best Horoscope Gift Ideas

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Astrology Lovers Gift Guide: The Best Horoscope Gift Ideas

The holidays, oh where to begin? If you’re having a bit of trouble deciding what to get that one (or two, or six…) individual, then we’ve broken down each horoscope and what gifts that would suit them the most. All you need to know is their birthday!

Gifts for Capricorn

December 22-January 19

Symbol: Goat

Capricorns are serious by nature, stubborn, dislike change, practical, family oriented, and grounded with self-control and discipline. It is their independence that enables them to excel in all areas of life but when it comes to their ideologies they are stuck on the beliefs that they uphold. Gifts that offer physical comfort like blankets, food, and clothing can offer this zodiac sign a stress-free environment and a comforting feeling of safety as they appreciate family life.

Cozy 100% Organic Cotton Knit Throw Blanket

This Organic Cotton Knit Throw Blanket with Tassels is the ultimate item to keep on your couch, bed or closet to take out whenever the temperature drops. Capricorns will love cozying up with this!


Fresh Baked David’s Cookies in Assorted Flavors with Gift Tin

The best gift zodiac | David's Cookies

Craving something sweer? Check out David’s cookies in assorted flavors, to match Capricorn’s ever-changing mind. She won’t have to settle for just one flavor — she can choose from a variety! The cookies also come in a cute keepsake tin that she can store trinkets she’s collected from her travelers.


Luxurious Cotton Terry Velour Robe

Nothing says luxury like a buttery-soft cotton terry bathrobe. This is truly a Capricorn essential, letting her kick back and relax in the spa-like atmosphere she’s created for herself in her home. This robe is made from 100% cottongand machine washable — it also comes in pink!


Gifts for Aquarius

January 20-February 18

Symbol: Water Bearer

Aquarius is shy and quiet with a hunger for life. They are deep thinkers, smart, and stimulated by intellectualness which often helps them excel toward goals. They are attracted to gifts based on art, nature, and aroma therapy that intrigue the senses and challenge the mind.

Makeup Organizer

The best gift zodiac | art organizer

Aquarius will never misplace her art or makeup tools with this makeup organizer travel bag. Its waterproof material is made of soft PU leather and has 127 individual slots.


The Best Emergency Survival Kit with Fire Starter, Compass, and Multi-tools

The best gift zodiac | Survival Kit

Aquarius can take on any situation her travels throw at her with this emergency survival kit. It keeps 20 items in an easy-to-carry case such as a tool card, band-aids, wire saw, flashlight, fishing hooks, a compass and more!


Aromatherapy Diffuser

The best gift zodiac | diffuser

Ariomatherapy offers a variety of benefits, such as killing airborne bacteria and viruses, purifying the air, and positively impacting your mood. We chose VIDA as the best essential oil diffuser for their shining customer service and because we love their oils, which are 100% pure, USDA certified organic and therapeutic grade.


Gifts for Pisces

February 19-March 20

Symbol: Fish

Pisces’ friendly, selfless, and emphatic characteristics make this sign intuitive and connected with other people’s feelings. They dislike confrontation. Items that bring an emotional meaning like scrap booking supplies, quoted pictures, and handcrafted gifts will be a great gesture.

LED Gooseneck Reading Lights

The best gift zodiac | Carson FlexNeck

Pisces are known for being their most active and creative at night. A carson flexneck book reader lets them enjoy their literature without illuminating the whole room or disturbing their partner. 


Framed Canvas With Inspirational Quote

The best gift zodiac | Inspirational Quote

Pisces are goal-oriented and driven, and a visual reminder such as art inspiration canvas wall decor can help take their motivation to the next level.


Classic Handwoven Western-Style Throw Blanket

The best gift zodiac |Hippie Blanket

Pisces are known for their worldly, eclectic taste. Nothing compliments that like the El Paso Designs Peyote Hippie Blanket. It adds a burst of color and flair of style to brighten up any room.


Gifts for Aries

March 21-April 19

Symbol: Ram

This zodiac sign is full of competitive vibes and leadership. They are very into sports as well as physical and mental challenges which allure them with confidence, passion, and adventure-seeking. Given their active, spontaneous nature they need items that make a statement like jewelry, athletic clothes, and adventurous items.

Zodiac Leather Bracelet

The best gift zodiac |Horoscope Bracelet

Aries is super into symbolism, and this zodiac sign leather bracelet will let them proudly rep their zodiac sign, telling the world who they are.


Multi-Purpose Athletic Pants with a Phone Pocket

The best gift zodiac | athletic pants

It’s true that you can never have too much activewear. But yoga pants that serve more than one purpose deserve a second look. These athleticwear pants with a cell phone pocket are perfect for the adventure-seeking Aries who prefers to stay connected no matter what the scenario may be.


Hiking Backpack

The best gift zodiac | Hiking Bag

Aries’ leadership skills are bound to take them to new heights — literally! This crossbody backpack will help them get there, whether they are on a solo adventure or leading a pack of hikers dutifully up to a mountain’s summit.


Gifts for Taurus

April 20-May 20

Symbol: Bull

Taurus is very stable and rooted to the earth. They appreciate love, beauty, and physical pleasures. Their love for a lavish lifestyle will have gift goers buying Luxury foods and beautiful, yet practical items.

Turkish Delight Pistachios Covered in Chocolate Gourmet Gift Box

The best gift zodiac | Luxury Chocolate

Taurus is  sign that appreciates presentation. That’s why this chocolate coated turkish delight pistachio gourmet gift box is a great gift that will satisfy their sweet tooth and their love for pretty packaging!


Zodiac Charm Bracelet

The best gift zodiac | Bracelet

Because Taurus is a grounded sign that appreciates earthy elements, so this zodiac charm gemstone bracelet, made with delicate yet durable metals and natural colors is sure to please.


Personal Power Stones for Taurus

The best gift zodiac | Power Stones

Taurus loves practical gifts, and while stones may not seem like it, they tap into the spiritual delights of any Taurus and allows them to take pieces of the Earth with them wherever they go..


Gifts for Gemini

May 21- June 20

Symbol: Twins

A sign that has two different personalities, outgoing, sociable, communicative, and loves to have fun. Their two-sided personality is curious and wants to explore which would make them want to express it through writing, traveling, and keeping up with the trends in cell phone accessories.

Vintage Leather Journal

The best gift zodiac | Journal Diary

Gemini’s curiosity will always lead them down a path of creative thoughts and musings. They need this stunning rustic town leather journal to jot down their big ideas. It has rustic, antique look that will stand the test of time with genuine leather and unlined, handmade cotton paper.


Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

The best gift zodiac | Travel Pillow

Since Gemini loves having fun, you can count that this sign is always on the go.  A cozy chin-supporting travel pillow will be the perfect complement to her travels, giving her some much-deserved rest before she reaches a new destination.


Portable Battery Charger USB

The best gift zodiac | Battery Charger

Gemini can keep her electronics at full charge, never having to worry about wasting time in a coffee shop while the world passes her by. It’s considered the best mobile phone charger on the market, being slim enough to slip into a small bag or even a pocket!


Gifts for Cancer

June 21-July 22

Symbol: Crab

Cancers are sensitive emotional beings guided by emotion and intuitive heart. With heavy values based on emotion the cancer sign wants anything that symbolizes love, meaning, and togetherness. Anything that makes their home a better place to stimulate their creativity and bright spirit is ideal.

Vintage Cream Storage Trunks

The best gift zodiac | storage trunks

This stunning vintage-style steel storage trunk set is a decoartive way for Cancer to store all of her keepsakes she’s colected from her travels and experiences over the years. She’ll love it’s clean design that also adds a touch of warmth to her home which she values deeply.


Cast Iron Skillet Brownie Baking Set

The best gift zodiac | Baking Set

With this cast iron skillet brownie baking set, Cancer can have her cake and eat it too! It’s durable and versatile, and is sure to quickly become a staple in her home that will last a lifetime.



Wooden Photo Album

The best gift zodiac | Photo book

Cancer has an old soul and loves the idea of memories in physical photographs. This adorable family tree photo album in wood gives her the chance to put all of those pictures together in a keepsake book that will be the perfect conversation starter in her living room or kitchen.


Gifts for Leo

July 23-August 22

Symbol: Lion

Leos are born with the confidence to lead others. They are creative and dominant with a twist of dramatic attitude and arrogance. Gifts that will catch their attention are gift certificates and creative items with statement.

Fandango Gift Card

The best gift zodiac | fandango giftcard

What is a Fandango gift card? your Leo friend, who loves movies and the experience of going to a theatre will know, and put this gift to good use to catch the latest flick, and even nosh on some candy or popcorn while they’re there, too!


Ceramic Buddha Statue

The best gift zodiac | buddha statue

Leo will love making a statement with this ceramic Buddha statue. It’s the perfect gift that appeals to her appreciation for aesthetics, while being a reminder to keep up with her spiritual side.


Tiger Eye Bracelet

The best gift zodiac | tiger bracelet

Leo enjoys making an entrance, and this tiger eye bead bracelet will be an accessory to the light she creates whenever she walks into a room. the beads are known for their vibrational frequency which guards the wearer and enhances their wisdom.



Gifts for Virgo

August 23-September 22

Symbol: Virgin

Virgos love paying attention to detail and think of practical solutions. They enjoy hard work ethic but can be shy and critical of others. Gifts for Virgo can be health items or anything that helps them improve who they are.

Organic Body, Mat and Room Yoga Mist in Awakening Grapefruit and Lavandin

The best gift zodiac | body spray

This organic body mist is perfect for practical virgo, who might want to stay feeling fresh between showers.



Rejuvenating Organic Hemp Acupressure Massage Mat

The best gift zodiac | massage mat

Virgo is highly organized, and this characteristic can often leave them feeling stressed and tense. They’ll love this acupressure massage mat, where they’ll be able to reclaim a few moments of peave and rejuvenate themselves after a long day of work.


Eco-Friendly Non Slip Yoga Mat With a Carrying Strap for Yoga, Pilates and Exercise

The best gift zodiac | yoga mat

Known for her tendencies to be close to and one with the Earth, Virgo will appreciate this ecofriendly nonslip yoga mat. What’s especially useful is that this mat is not only dense and offers just the right amount of cushion, but it also comes with a yoga mat strap to take with her wherever she goes!


Gifts for Libra

September 23-October 22

Symbol: Scales

Balanced, peaceful, fair minded, and social are just some of libra’s thriving traits. To remain balanced, Libra loves is constantly at peace and would benefit from gifts that bring harmony and alignment.

Indio Candle

The best gift zodiac | candle

If anyone knows balance, it’s Libra. They’re good at keeping the home relaxed and zen, and there is truly no peaceful home like an indio candle peaceful home! This candle is extremely long-lsting, burning up to 120 hours!


Buddha Tea Light Candle Holder

The best gift zodiac | tea buddha head

This Buddha head tea light candle holder has function and symmetry, something that Libra appreciates to no end. They’ll be able to swap out their favorite tea candles, vibe out and just relax.


Sleep Mask with Earplugs and Carry Pouch

The best gift zodiac | sleep mask

Libra’s intelligent mind is always abuzz with thoughts and ideas, making it difficult for them to rest their weary eyes. This is the best sleep mask to float them right into dreamland, and with handy earplugs, they’ll be able to cancel out any outside noise so they can get a good night’s rest.


Gifts for Scorpio

October 23-November 21

Symbol: Scorpion

This spicy sign is born with determination, assertiveness, and the passion to openly express their emotions. They have a go-with-the-flow type of attitude that makes them calm to be around. Gifts with water or blue help to balance their mood and they appreciate the mystery in book related gifts.

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader with Built-in Light and Wi-Fi

The best gift zodiac | kindle



Moon and Stars Pendant Necklace

The best gift zodiac | necklace


Unique Wine Glasses

The best gift zodiac | wine glasses


Gifts for Sagittarius

November 22-December 21

Symbol: Centaur

Sagittarius is a very curious and energetic sign that has an open mind, loves traveling and the outdoors, and lives freely. This spunky personality sign would adore gifts that provide anything to stimulate their mind and travel.

Travel Bag For Hiking Backpack

The best gift zodiac | travel bag


Scratch-Off World Map

The best gift zodiac | scratch off world map


6 in 1 Travel Accessories Kit

The best gift zodiac | travel kit


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