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Great Gifts for Travelers [GIFT GUIDE]

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Great Gifts for Travelers [GIFT GUIDE]

Whether you have that constant need to see the world or know someone that does, we’ve compiled a gift guide full of the most perfect gifts for travelers. We’ve uncovered the best deals on the web of the products below, simple click the button below each gift and shop your heart out!

Aerial Yoga Swing

gift guide for travelers | aerial yoga swing

Take your yoga anywhere with this aerial yoga swing that will help you relax and meditate while comfortably suspended in mid-air or use it as a workout tool!

What customers are saying: “Such a helpful thing! I just stated my way in aero yoga, and ordered this yoga swing. Fabric is super soft it reminds me of silk. When I opened the box I was a little bit worried, that material is not strong enough. But no!! It is soft and strong. Your yoga relaxing experience will starts from touching this tool. Bright color and it is made really good! It’s the best aerial yoga swing I’ve found!”


Baby Backpack Diaper Bag

gift guide for travelers | baby diaper bag

Who said having a little tot will stop you from traveling the world? Prep yourself with the right gear like this handy traveling diaper bag!

What customers are saying: “This Laura Look’s Studio diaper bag is the best baby backpack diaper bag. It has multiple pockets for both baby and your stuff. A insulated bottle cosy and two insulated bottle pockets and a little zippered container for snacks or a food container. The bag is well padded and you can carry it over your shoulders or attach it to the stroller. It comes with a change pad and there is a nice wipes pocket on one side of the bag for fast easy access.”


Waterproof Laptop Backpack

gift guide for travelers | antitheft backpack

Meet your new favorite travel buddy! This travel backpack is made with a waterproof canvas material and comes with a lock to prevent theft. A travel essential!

What customers are saying: “If you are looking for a great backpack for laptops, I definitely recommend this one from UGL! I am completely satisfied with my purchase. Have being using it for quite a while as travel backpack and work backpack. The fabric and stitches are really durable.”


Best Resistance Bands

gift guide for travelers | ZURA resistance bands

Workout in your hotel room, hostel, anywhere and everywhere when you buy these ZURA resistance training bands. Resistance bands training is a great way to keep in shape or target key muscle groups with minimal equipment

See what customers are saying: “I cancelled my gym membership last month to focus on yoga at home so I needed to add little bit of heft to my workouts, and these bands are great. Had them for a week now and I’m using them daily. They provide good range of resistance levels and look like they will last long time. Carrying bag is handy to keep them all in one place.”


Travel Neck Pillow

Travel pillows are probably the most underrated travel accessory out there. They give you that much-needed comfort, relief and a little slice of relaxation during layovers and on packed flights. You won’t regret it! 

What customers are saying: “Finally found something that works! I never understood the fascination with other travel pillows. The only way they worked for me was to turn them around with the opening in the back, but even then, it wasn’t quite right. And the ones with the squishy beads inside? No. All the movement of the beads was distracting to me. This one works, for me, in three ways. I’ve used it a couple times over the last few days just to test it and I’m very pleased with how soft it is, yet supportive. It’s the best neck support travel pillow!”


Stainless Steel Water Bottle

gift guide for travelers | ZURA water bottle

Stay refreshed without having to worry about your ice melting or your getting lukewarm with this wide-mouth water bottle that’s perfect for drinks, smoothies, soups and more!

See what customers are saying: “LOVE this stainless steel water bottle. I love ice water all year round and this bottle keeps water cold for a long time. I put ice in it in the morning and I don’t have to add ice until the evening. I have few other bottles and even with the double wall insulated ones the water gets warm in a few hours. Great quality, I’m very satisfied. I would highly recommend this especially for this price.”


GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition

gift guide for travelers | gopro

Capture the world around you with the GoPro Hero4 silver action camera, the ultimate traveler’s gift! GoPro recently came out with a new edition in its series, so prices for this version has gone down significantly.

See what customers are saying: “I love this camera! This is my first camera purchase since my Nikon CoolPix S630. I bought it primarily for the pool and beach but find myself taking it everywhere now. Before purchasing I went back and forth contemplating this one and the Session model. Even at twice the price I think it was worth it to get the HERO4 Silver. The back screen is great so you can actually see what you are recording. ”


Travel Yoga Mat

gift guide for travelers | travel yoga mat

This mat is made of eco-friendly material and can be rolled up and tossed in your suitcase so you can practice yoga anywhere and everywhere! And, because it’s reversible, you can use both sides. It’s like getting 2 mats in one for a great price!

What customers are saying: “Great yoga mat for this price. I have been practicing for quite some time now. I was looking for a non-slip, not an expensive mat with good grip and not heavy and bulky. This mat has all this factors. Also, it has a perfect texture and thickness. Love it! Does exactly what it should do. One of the best travel yoga mats I’ve seen!”


Travel Shoe Bags – Set of 4

gift guide for travelers | shoe bag

A big problem we often run into when packing is where to put our shoes. We don’t want it to get our other clothes dirty or smelly! These waterproof shoe bags for travel are also great for holding other items like clothes, jewelry, and makeup!

What customers are saying: “These travel bags are a good way to protect your shoes and keep your clothes separated while traveling. It’s a good material and light for travel. I placed large shoes in mine and the smell never mingled with the other clothes. I only wish that I had purchased them sooner.”


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