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Gifts for “Nerdy” Yogis [GIFT GUIDE]

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Gifts for “Nerdy” Yogis [GIFT GUIDE]

Gifts for Nerdy Yoga

Never before has the boundary between nerd and mainstream culture been so popular.

It’s also no secret that the number of people embracing yoga into their lifestyle – from video gamers to professional athletes – is at an all-time high.

As a combination of both a nerd and yogi myself, I love finding products that I can use during my practice while also showing off my love for my favorite shows, books, games and movies.

If you or a friend spends as much time on the mat as you do geeking out about your favorite fandoms, we’ve found some awesome yoga essentials that make perfect gifts for nerdy yogis!

Here are 6 products every nerdy yogi will love:

1. Han Solo Rug

gifts for nerdy yogis | han solo rug

Yogis will enjoy their practice on this one-of-a-kind Han Solo frozen in carbonite rug  that could double as a soft surface to practice yoga if your mat is in your car or the studio. Designed with the infamous Han Solo frozen in carbonite, you can now practice alongside the iconic Star Wars character.

After all, who wouldn’t want to do yoga with one of the coolest guys in the galaxy?!


2. Superhero Yoga Pants

nerdy yogi gifts | Superhero yoga pants

Just one session of yoga can make you feel unstoppable…perhaps even like you could save the world!

Fans of comics like Spiderman or Captain America will love this selection of superhero yoga pants made from high-quality Supplex material. You’ll essentially be a superhero wearing yoga pants!

Now if we could only find a way to get Stan Lee to make a special appearance during class!


3. Game of Thrones Water Bottle

nerdy yogi gifts | lanister water bottle

It’s a water bottle Game of Thrones! Yogis can drink to the families from Westeros anytime they take a sip from this in between poses.

This stainless steel Game of Thrones water bottle is designed with a regal feel, and the black color makes it easy to match with just about any yoga outfit.

It’s the perfect bottle to show that you 1. Drink and 2. Know things.


4. Doctor Who Tank Top

gifts for nerdy yogis

If you know a yogi who loves Doctor Who as much as they love yoga, they won’t blink or look away!

This Doctor Who tank top for women is lightweight, soft and cozy. Ripple Junction offers lots of different designs to wear to class.


5. Quiver of Arrows Yoga Bag

nerdy yogi gifts | Quiver of arrows

Know an Arrow or Legolas fan? Carrying a yoga mat around has never been so fun!

Made with 100% cotton and featuring interior pockets for a cell phone, wallet, and keys, this quiver of arrows yoga mat bag is super comfortable thanks to its extra-wide cotton strap. A full-length zipper also provides easy access.


6. Harry Potter Towel

Yogis whose lives were transformed by the magic of the wizarding world will enjoy this Harray Potter Marauder’s Map beach towel.

Use it for an extra grip on your mat while representing your love for the famous wizarding school.

Now let’s just hope mastering that new pose is easier than passing potions class.

Mischief managed!




With yoga apparel and accessories that add inspiration such as these, any nerdy yogi will get excited about heading to the studio to rock every asana in style!




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