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Bohemian Gifts [GIFT GUIDE]

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Does your friend have a taste for things with a bohemian flair? They are intuitive, free-spirited, and full of life. So what do you possibly get someone that seems to be living their life to the fullest? Look no further. You’re sure to find the perfect gift for them in this guide of gifts for bohemians!

Boho Tank Top for Yoga and Pilates

bohemian gifts | boho tank

You can never have too much workout/chillout gear! These soft, breathable boho tank tops come in a variety of designs as unique as your boho tastes.


Tree of Life Tapestry

bohemian gifts | bohemian tapestry

Give your living space a makeover with a stunning, uniquely crafted artisanal tree of life wall tapestry.


Natural Amethyst Necklace

bohemian gifts | amethyst necklace

Achieve a higher self with this lovely and delicate gold-plated natural amethyst pendant necklace. It even comes with a stunning gift bag, perfect and ready to be gifted!


The Original Buddha Board

Make it a Buddha Board original and allow yourself to practice the art of “letting go” with this magic canvas. Simply write or draw what doesn’t serve you on the board and watch as it disappears right before your eyes!


Meditation Pillow

bohemian gifts | meditation pillow

Get back into a zen state of mind with what we think is the best meditation pillow. It’s super comfy and makes a stunning decorative addition to any room!


Aromatic Diffuser

bohemian gifts | essential oils diffuser

Uplift the mood and enhance the scent of any room with this stunning, electric aromatic diffuser. Simply add drops of your favorite essential oils and watch as mist rises from the top.


Cork Yoga Blocks

bohemian gifts | cork yoga blocksjpg

Stretch further, open your heart wider and reach past new limits with these yoga cork blocks made from all natural antibacterial cork. They’re great for building a strong core and enhancing restorative poses.


Zen Juniper Bonsai Tree

bohemian gifts | juniper bonsai

Create your own little space of zen with a tiny juniper bonsai tree! Keep it on your nightstand to purify the air around you and add free-flowing energy to any room.


Mini Zen Garden

bohemian gifts | zen garden

Soothe your senses with a relaxing mini zen garden kit that lets you draw smooth natural lines in the sand and decorate it how you please with tiny figurines.


Chakra Bracelet

bohemian gifts | chakra bracelet

Balance your seven chakras, the energy centers in your body with these authentic crystals and lava stones. The adjustable cord on this chakra balancing bracelet also allows you to use it as a diffuser bracelet – simply add your favorite essential oils to the lava beads!


Outdoor Buddha Fountain

bohemian gifts | buddha fountain

Give your garden some spiritual protection with a Buddha outdoor fountain! The lights are made from LED, so they are long lasting and won’t be affected by the elements!


Mineral Water Purifier

bohemian gifts | mineral purifier

Use this his water purifier with mineral rocks, sands, silica stones, ceramic beads, and more to alkalize and add wellness-enhancing minerals to your drinking water!


Cleanse Your Home’s Energy with Sage

modern bohemian gifts | sage and shell

You can use sage for clearing negative energy out of your home. This tied bushel comes with a decorative shell to catch the ashes, and lets it blend into a room as a decoration after use.


Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

bohemian gifts | tibetan singing bowl set

With this natural tibetan singing bowls set, you can calm and relax your brain waves. As a result, you’ll release tension, quiet your busy mind, and allow yourself to float into a meditative state.


Extra Large Natural String Dream Catcher

bohemian gifts | dream catcher

Filter your dreams with this all natural string and wool dream catcher. Its extra large size makes it a beautiful decorative focal point of any room, not just the bedroom!


Tibetan Rosewood Prayer Beads

bohemian gifts | tibetan prayer beads

Put these Tibetan prayer beads on and use them to enhance your mediation practices. Or, wear them to give your aura the ancient protective powers.


Chakra Healing Crystal Set

bohemian gifts | crystal gems set

Align all your chakras and energies with this deluxe chakra stones crystal healing set. Use them to meditate, enhance the feng shui energy to any room, or practice energy healing!


Pure Essential Oils Set

bohemian gifts | essential oils

Curious about essential oils and what they’re all about? This pure essential oils sampler set comes with all the essentials to get you started, such as lavender and tea tree.


Flower Tea Set

bohemian gifts | flowering tea set

Make the perfect cup of tea with this elegant flower fairy tea set. Perfect for entertaining, tea parties or yourself! The set includes teas that will flower and bloom right before your eyes! Simply pour 40 ounces of boiling water over them in the double-walled insulated glass pot and watch as they bloom.


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