Top 12 Gifts for Your Fitness-Obsessed Friends [GIFT GUIDE]

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Whether or not you share the same fitness obsession as your friend does, we are here to help you have a top notch go-to list whenever it is time to give a gift. The fitness industry is flooded with a ton of options so sorting through all of the choices can be daunting. But not to fear – we’ve tracked down the hottest items with the BEST prices in this robust list is to ensure you give a unique but practical gift!

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1. A Fitbit

Top 12 gifts for your fitness | fitbit Charge2

Although Fitbits aren’t brand new to the fitness scene, knowing which one to buy for someone is another story. Amongst all the choices Fitbit offers, the Alta HR and Charge 2 lead the way in design, ease of use as well as accuracy. The Alta HR definitely has a more appealing look with its sleek design but the Charge 2 has extra features such as longer battery life, real-time stats displayed during workouts and also the ability to monitor VO2 max and have a GPS connection.



2. Trigger Point Foam Roller

Top 12 gifts for your fitness | foam roller

If your fitness-obsessed friend is similar to other like-minded individuals, then they most likely have aches and pains from over-exercising or developing imbalances. Even though this is pretty common, you can support their overall health with the gift of a myofascial foam roller set as well as deep tissue balls to target trigger points. The best news is this set comes with an instructional DVD which will take the guess work out and really does make the perfect gift. 



3. Sweat-Proof Headphones

Finding a pair of ear buds that are comfortable, lightweight and able to sync to Bluetooth can be a bit of a challenge and that’s why these sweat proof wireless headphones are such a practical gift. We love the quality of sound they feature along with the fact that you’ll no longer get tangled in your phone adaptor cord. A variety of ear bud sizes and a carrying case are included.



4. Personal Water Filter

Fitness enthusiasts often find themselves in a ton of different environments whether it be on a running trail, in a hot Yoga class or in a hotel gym while traveling. Gifting a personal water filter is an awesome way to ensure your fitness pal has access to clean water no matter where they may find themselves. We love this award-winning brand by LifeStraw because it’s been used by millions since 2005 and removes 99.99% of bacteria and exceeds the EPA’s safety standards.



5. Fitness Fanny Pack

gifts for your fitness | fanny pack

This is not your grandma’s fanny pack! Holding a bulky phone while exercising or having no place to put your keys can be a drag on your workout but not anymore! Perdy Body’s fitness fanny pack is the total fitness solution because it has one large pocket that can hold anything as large as an iPhone as well as two smaller pockets in the back. It doesn’t slide around, is machine washable and comes with a complementary reflector.



6. 2-in-1 Move with You Crop top Sports Bra Combo

Top 12 gifts for your fitness | sports bra crop top

We guarantee your female fitness friends have a drawer of old sports bras that are ill-fitting or uncomfortable, and most of them are impossible to wear from the gym to lunch! Thank goodness for Move with You! They offer stylish yet supportive crop-top/sports bra combos that will support you when you sweat but are comfortable enough to wear outside the gym!



7. Cute Printed Leggings

It’s true you can never have too many leggings or yoga pants. Bright colors and lively patterns are no longer a thing of the 80’s so ensuring your fitness friends are wearing the latest styles is an economical but trendy gift to give. There are over so mant pattern and styles to choose from among these printed leggings and they all have a smooth, fitted style without bulky pockets and are perfect for yoga and everyday!



8. Fitness on-the-go with Resistance Band Set

A portable home workout exercise set such as these resistance bands are awesome for your friends that travel a lot or are at the beginning stages of their fitness journey. Although there are a ton of options out there, we love these ones by ZURA because it includes six different resistance bands of varying strengths, door anchors, leg and ankle straps and a satchel to keep everything organized.



9. Cooling Towels

Top 12 gifts for your fitness |cooling towel

Being able to safely take the intensity of your workouts up a notch or be able to exercise outside during the hot summer months is an important value to the fitness-obsessed. Having this nifty cooling towel on hand is so easy to use and can be a safe alternative to sunscreen without worrying about sweat dripping into the eyes. The cooling effect can last for hours!



10. Simple, Healthy Cooking with a Vegetable Spiralizer

Top 12 gifts for your fitness | spiralizer

Although this isn’t a fitness-focused gift, it’s a perfect complement to an active lifestyle and is sure to be a big hit. Finding ways to incorporate more vegetables is a common struggle for most health-conscious people and this vegetable spiralizer is absolutely a genius solution. Pasta can be replaced with zucchini and it can also make its way into fresh salads or lightly sautéed veggie dishes.



11. Never Waste Another Lemon with a Lemon-Squeezer

Top 12 gifts for your fitness | aprika lemon squeezer

Another not-quite-so-fitness gift, but extremely useful and important when it comes to hyrdation. Lemon squeezers are probably one of the most underrated kitchen tools, but think about it: imagine waking up in the morning or coming back exhausted after a workout and wanting some vitamin and antioxidant-packed hydration. The process of squeezing a lemon sounds mundane, but the juice is messy and gets all over your hands… and SO much of your lemon goes to waste. This lemon squeezer eliminates that stress, PLUS it comes with a free zester for making 5-star quality meals and a spray bottle that you can simply stick in the lemon and spray!



12. Gift Set of Yoga Club Box


If you know your fitness-obsessed friend loves surprises, then purchasing a monthly Yoga Club Box subscription is the way to go. YogaClub is a monthly subscription box of brand-name women’s yoga apparel that delivers $100+ retail value to your door for only $45 / month. It makes a great one-time gift too, though! Each box includes a curated top and bottom of the best and most trenfy active wear around from huge brands such as Free People, Teeki, Manduka and more!



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