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Free Yoga Playlists for Class or at Home

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You’re ready to show up and shine on your mat, but there’s just one problem: You have NO idea what music to flow to!

We’ve got your back with the following free yoga playlists that are perfect for your class or at-home practice! 


Youtube: workout music source//EDM workout mix (132 BPM) 

This music playlist is great for vinyasa and power yoga because of the energy it outputs through each song transition.


Youtube: workout music source//WOD Pop Workout – 60 min Version (135 BPM)

This music mix is popped based and is great for yoga practices like Bikram that needs  more energizing music to go with the intensity of the practice. It is also great for other practices that are cardio and strength based.


Youtube: Amazing Yoga Mix- Playlist – Relax


For a more tranquil practice such as Yin, Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Mediation these smooth restful state sounds will put your mind at peace while allowing your body to connect and feel the movement of the practice.


Youtube: Chillout Lounge Relax (Easy listening lounge chill out music for Stretching, Yoga, Pilates, cool down home fitness.)

Great for longer pose holds and mindful practices as it engages the mind, body, and soul through connecting at a deeper level. The music helps to enhance the practice focusing on breath to calm and center the individual.


Youtube: NuMediationMusic (Indian Background flute Music: Instrumental mediation music/yoga music spa music for relaxation)

Go back to where yoga roots started with this songful flute inspired Indian instrumental playlist. Reflect on the present by becoming aware of your environment and inner self. Use this as an end to your session or through your meditation and longer pose hold practices.


 Besides YouTube, another online source for great free yoga playlists is Pandora which offers different musical selections based on preference.


Pandora: Yoga

 free yoga playlists

This station plays non-stop Indian and Fusion Tunes that are new aged making it great for all yoga practices.


Pandora: Yoga Workout

 free yoga playlists

If you want a combination of vocal and instrumental music from artist like Tycho, Blank &Jones, and Phaeleh to name a few this station will meet your needs. It is also Great for

all yoga practices.


Pandora: Yoga Metal

 free yoga playlists

Soothing folk vocal with acoustic rhythm sound that is guaranteed to rest your mind. indented for a meditative practice or to prepare for chanting to quite the mind.


Pandora: Workout Radio

 free yoga playlists


Current rock influences featuring up beat energizing music artist like Calvin Harris, Awolnation and more. Great for fast flowing asana practices.


Pandora: Yoga Sanctuary

New age roots incorporating instrumental and tonal rhythms for a unique sound that will quiet the mind and help aid in making the body steel. Great for meditation and for stretching for long periods of time in practices such as Yin and Hatha.

What about music to help align your chakras? Check out the chakra-balancing playlist here.

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