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Beginner Yoga Challenge: Forward Bend Pose

Performed by Marin Jayden

Benefits of the Forward Bend Pose: Uttanasana improves digestion and reduces fatigue, stress, and anxiety. It strengthens the knees and leg muscles. Avoid if you have a serious back injury.

  • Stand up straight.
  • Keeping your back straight, start bending down toward your toes.
  • When it starts to become difficult, grab your legs with your hands in order to help draw your stomach to your thighs.
  • Lower your head but let it hang freely.

Modifications: To better the stretch in the backs of your legs, try leaning forward.  If you can, lift your heels less than an inch above the ground and draw your groins into the pelvis.  Stretch the muscles from your pelvis down to your heels.

Forward Bend Pose

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