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Farm Yoga: Practicing with Farm Animals Is The Yoga You’re Missing Out On

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Farm Yoga: Practicing with Farm Animals Is The Yoga You’re Missing Out On

Farm yoga is growing in popularity for very good reasons

Stretching forward past my feet, I close my eyes while I listen to the instructor’s soothing voice. All of the sudden, I feel a little nibble on my big toe. I open my eyes and see an adorable one-week old goat who stopped by my mat to visit. Later while doing a downward dog, a chicken strolls by behind me. Typical occurrences in a farm yoga class.

What is farm yoga?

Farm yoga is the next iteration of the increasingly popular Goat Yoga. In its simplest forms, it’s practicing yoga while a variety of farm animals walk around entertaining and visiting with participants. Typically, the area is penned in so that there are no escapees. A few employees are around to keep an eye on the animals to break up goat spats or pick up poo.

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Why you want to participate in farm yoga

Aside from the obvious reason – baby farm animals are super cute – why on earth would anyone want to participate in this type of practice? In talking to students taking the class, I was enlightened to a whole host of reasons.

Some participants like the chance to cuddle the animals – and this is strongly encouraged. At the beginning of class, we were told to stop at any time to hold or pet an animal, take pictures or just chill. That cuddling and interaction can be a great form of pet therapy. Other participants felt it was fun and it made them happy. This resonated with me as I couldn’t quit smiling throughout the class. It was so unexpected and enjoyable. The class was held outside. We enjoyed the opportunity to exercise in a natural setting, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

Is farm yoga for you?

Farm animal yoga is appropriate for all ages and all levels of experience. Due to the distractions, the sequence is simple and easy to follow. There’s lots of stretching and a few foundational yoga poses. Since the animals run loose, you could very likely enjoy a visit at any time. The kittens especially loved to get involved in the poses and join in. They often land on your back or lap. Even someone who has never taken a yoga class would feel comfortable in this environment and able to participate.

Although goat yoga is popping up all over the place, farm animal yoga is a little less common.  The class I enjoyed was located in Franklin, IN at the Tagalong Boutique. They hold a goat yoga class every Saturday morning at 10:00, and other animals replace the goats periodically.

If you are up for something unique, healthy, fun and sure to make you smile, check out farm yoga. The workout might not be the most intensive one you’ve ever had, but it could easily be the most interesting and satisfying.

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