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3 Unusual and Exotic Yoga Retreats That Will Leave You Breathless

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Unusual and Exotic Yoga Retreats

Doesn’t the mention of a yoga retreat sound dreamy and neverendingly appealing? Practicing and playing with others who share your passion and commitment in a glorious environment feels surreal and stimulates every obtainable feel.

But most retreats follow a basic, similar formula. Most yoga getaways share many of the same components, yoga in the morning, gourmet vegetarian meals, mediation in the afternoon, group discussions, and opportunities for excursions to enjoy the delights the beautiful environment offers to visitors. And even though it’s a quality equation, it lacks originality and creativity.

Don’t you want to do something truly outside of the box? If you’re going to budget time and dollars, wouldn’t an experience unlike any other feel the most exciting and worthwhile?

We’ve chosen three that really grabbed us and had us checking flights and bank accounts. These 3 yoga getaways really stand out as trips not just worth taking but necessary to our overall pursuit of living an exceptional life.

    1. Glamping, Yoga, and Rock Climbing in Moab, UT, May 31st-June 3rd, 2018

exotic yoga retreats | rock climbing utah

I’m so happy glamping is a thing. Sleeping outside in a tent under the stars always sounds fantastic, but then there’s bugs and the uncomfortable ground beneath you. Setting up a tent can make anyone feel like a dummy. Lugging all that gear is also a drag and you always forget something pivotal.

So, Glamping came along removing all the obstacles and offering all of the fun. Add glamping in Moab, Utah with the backdrop of red rocks and big, wide skies letting you see every single star. Located just a few miles away from Moab, the retreat is just seconds away from both Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park. You get to experience living in the desert with some of the most breathtaking scenery the U.S. has to offer.

And if you’re a rock climber and avid hiker, there is no better yoga excursion for you out there. Come to Utah to digitally detox, and get your nature and yoga loving needs beyond met. Contact Yogascapes for all the pertinent info.


    1. Slackline Yoga and Discovery at the Breathe Festival, Spencer Indiana July 12th-15th, 2018

exotic yoga retreats | breathe festival chicago

Whoa. This is too trippy to not try out. Have you ever even tried walking on a slackline? It’s no joke. Imagine doing Warrior Two or a Handstand on one. Can’t even? Breathe Festival is all about the slackline, community, yoga, acroyoga, drumming, meditation, paddle boarding, connecting, and having the blast of your life.

Located about 3.5 hours from Chicago, Breathe Festival has ardent desires to offer a fullest experience possible without the frills. There’s camping only. No showers or indoor toilets, and no prepared meals or vendors. Bring your own gear, food, and the very best and most open-minded attitude.

You’ll have an unforgettable excursion that will have you finding a friend with the just right spacing between two strong trees to bring your newfound love of slacklining home with you. The warm and encouraging staff loves beginners, so don’t let your lack of experience scare you off.


    1. Sailing Yoga Retreats, The Greece Experience June 17th-23rd 2018

exotic yoga retreats | greece sailing experience

Do you like yoga, boats, and Greece? Me too! And this too amazing to be believed trip is yours for the taking. You get 6 nights on a catamaran with a total of only 10 people on board including the captain and the yoga instructor. Participants will hit a different island every day starting south of Athens and culminating on the island of Mykonos.

There will be 1-2 yoga and meditation sessions daily offered in English, French, and German. Introductory sailing lessons are also included as well as snorkeling gear on board so you can enjoy sea life whenever you feel the inclination. Fresh, healthy meals using local produce are also a part of the package.

And you get the chance to really see and get a feel for what a wide area of Greece’s most exquisite islands has to offer. If it sounds too good to be true and melds all of your greatest pastimes, get your travel plans in gear and book this trip before it fills to capacity.

What to Bring to a Yoga Retreat?

If you’ve booked or are planning on booking a retreat and you’ve never been to one, how on Earth do you pack for it? We’ve got you covered with this guide that goes over all the basics.

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