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The Life-Altering Power of Everyday Meditation

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The Life-Altering Power of Everyday Meditation

Powerful Everyday Meditation Uniting Our Heart with Our Mind and Intuition

Connecting the heart, intuition, and brain is where alchemy happens. It’s the grander picture of who we are. This trilogy within us as human beings holds life-altering power. When we connect all three, our wisdom becomes remarkable and we are able to reap the benefits of the empowerment this offers. 

The Triad Living Within

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The Heart

In 1991, there was groundbreaking research in the field of neuro-cardiology. Sensory neurons were discovered in the heart. Data showed that these brain-like neurons can process information and make decisions independent of the cranial brain. This astounding discovery established that the heart is a sensory organ and a sophisticated programming and processing center suitably qualifying as a ‘heart-brain’.  

It is inspiring to see how science is beginning to parallel with ancient spiritual teachings. Today, science views the heart as a multifaceted, self-controlled and organized system that maintains a continuous conversation between the brain and the rest of the body. This fascination explains why we gain so many benefits for overall well-being when we go to the heart. It’s an integral part of the trilogy within us.



It has been said that intuition is the voice of God. Going inward allows us to hear it. There’s huge amounts of multi-dimensional information in stillness and listening. That sense of knowing does not come from logic. It’s the nonlinear wisdom that comes from a deeper force that is far greater than the human intellect. We can’t see intuition, but we can sense and feel it. In order to exercise intuition, you need to turn your attention inward. Intuition is the second integral part of the triad working to make us the best versions of ourselves.  


The Brain

What I’ve learned from personal experience is that we need to disconnect ourselves from the skewed environment of power and control, and fundamentally untangle ourselves from the massive influence that our brain has on human perception and reality. Why? Because we are all consciousness. We are all love. And our bodies are vehicles that need to be driven by the heart.

Alternatively, when we allow ourselves to be driven by our thoughts, we risk self-sabotage. The mind can be a blessing and a curse. But when we let go of desire and thought, there’s a sense of freedom and peace. After all, our natural state is to be without need. This is true peace. We are truly rich when we want nothing.

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Two Practical Ways to Experience the Trilogy Within


  • Meditation

Shut off the chatter in the mind and just listen by practicing a simple meditation. It need not be complicated. Don’t order, wish, complain, or beg for things. Rather get still, focus on the breath, and listen to what your heart is trying to tell you. It is in that silence where it begins to manifest into intuition.

Don’t over think it. Meditation is not an act of doing, as much as it is a state of being.  We can meditate anywhere and at any time. It’s about finding stillness and reprieve from fear. Inside that stillness, we can be transported above it all. Above all of the madness that collective unconsciousness has manifested in this physical world.

Meditate on what you feel through the lens of the heart. Basque in pure consciousness as you enter that space that arises after the exhale of a thought. There you will experience that connection with Oneness and the alert awareness in the heart that puts things back in spiritual order. This everyday meditation practice will influence your perception of the world more than you know. 


  • Turn Your Attention Inward

Trust that your attention is the translator of your heart, intuition, and brain. And when you turn your attention inward,  your wisdom will grow. And from that point, how you choose to experience every situation in life is because of looking within.    

 If we can learn to connect the heart, intuition and the brain, imagine how much healing and love we could accomplish as a global family on this earth? We could move through a mindful heart, and take wise and intuitive actions to move mountains. Use these two practical techniques each day. And above all, trust that your attention is the translator for all.  

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