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Essential Oils Diffuser Review by Product Review Gurus [article + video]

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Each month, Mel and Natali from the Yoga Lifestyles crew will review products ranging from yoga-related to health, wellness, beauty and beyond.

They’ll explore every aspect, including special features, quality, price point and more! For July, we’re reviewing the Essential Oils Diffuser by VIDA Essentials.

Essential Oils Diffuser Review

VIDA Essentials

Extra large 20 FL OZ (600 ML)

7.5″ x 7.5″ x 8 inches

Long Operation Time
Translucent light diffuser runs 12-20 hours with a large water tank and 2 mist settings.

Luxury Decorations
Natural dark woodgrain design with smooth plastic shell and matte finish.

Mist Settings
Right button controls the mist which is indicated by small blue LED lights on front. Toggle between off (which also turns off device), low mist and high mist

Light Settings
Left button controls nightlight at bottom of the diffuser. Toggle to switch them on and off.

Automatic Shuttoff?

Easy & Safe
Simple operation, involves zero heat making it a safer alternative to candles or burners while still reaping the benefits of aromatherapy.

Essential Oils
Not included, with diffuser, but VIDA Essentials has their own line of 100% pure, USDA certified organic therapeutic grade oils here.

How to use?
Remove top shell, fill up tank to water line and add 6-10 drops of preferred essential oils (we highly recommend lavender to unwind and support a healthy sleep cycle or eucalyptus to deodorize the air and soothe your respiratory system). You can watch a more in-depth video here.

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