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Eco-Friendly Gifts [GIFT GUIDE]

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Eco-Friendly Gifts [GIFT GUIDE]

Yoga is more than a way to unwind and become aware of yourself in mind, body and soul. It’s a lifestyle and however you chose to practice it’s sure to heighten your experience especially with the products used. All of us here at Yoga Lifestyles are obsessed with eco-friendly products because we’re naturally aware of the environment and the alignment of peace that it brings. So we’ve come up with a guide of what we think are some really cool eco-friendly gifts.

Yoga Wheel

eco friendly yoga gifts | ZURA yoga wheel

Whether you are new or an advanced yogi the yoga wheel will hold purpose to your practice in helping to support you in the most challenging positions like back bends, foerarm stands, to providing a deeper stretch in the front side of body while enhancing core strength and balance in other poses. The best yoga wheel in our opinion is this one from Zura. It’s antimicrobial and made from durable recycled materials. It also has a nontoxic foam padding for better support and comfort in longer poses and massaging points to stimulate acupressure points in the body.


Super Absorbent Yoga Towel

eco friendly gifts | zen active yoga twoel

A yoga class can have you working up a sweat and sometimes your mat becomes a slippery slope but an absorbent yoga towel like this one from Zen Active helps create traction between you and the mat to provide stability and absorb any sweat.


Cork Yoga Mat – Nonslip

eco friendly gifts | cork yoga mat

All yogis know how important it is to have a mat of quality that can keep you flowing, is portable, and easy to clean. This Yoloha cork yoga mat is made of eco-friendly nomad cork and has excellent grip even during the most intense yoga class. The cork is antimicrobial and provides great cushioning. Want more options for eco-friendly mats? We’ve broken down the top yoga mats of 2017!


BPA-Free Water Bottle

eco friendly gifts | stainless steel water bottle

During yoga, you want to stay hydrated which is why a bottle comes in handy. However, sometimes you take a sip and notice that the beverage is either not cold or hot as you intend and that is not appealing. If you want an environmental BPA-free water bottle that keeps your beverage both cold or hot we suggest this stainless steel water bottle that’s built to withstand the elements and your practice!


Antibacterial All-Natural Yoga Block

eco friendly gifts | zura block

The yoga block is a great addition to your practice, allowing you to bring the ground closer to you and help open your heart, hips, and more. This naturally antibacterial yoga block by ZURA is made from all-natural renewable cork. It won’t collapse on you like traditional foam, yet is cushioned enough for restorative poses.


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