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Beginner Yoga Challenge: Easy Heron Pose

Performed by Marin Jayden

Benefits of the Easy Heron Pose: Heron stimulates the heart and abdominal organs as well as stretches the hamstrings.

  • Sit up straight in Staff Pose.
  • Bend your left knee back so that your shin is almost parallel with your body.
  • Keep your right leg as straight as you can and begin lifting it toward the sky.
  • Lean back slightly but keep your chest open and spine straight.
  • Try to grasp the inside of your right leg with your left hand and the outside with your right.

Modifications: If you can’t keep your right leg straight, feel free to bend it as much you need. A stretch band can help you work your raised leg if you have trouble holding in this position. If you have knee problems, only bend your left leg to your comfort.

Easy Heron Pose

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