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Beginner Yoga Challenge: Downward Dog

Performed by Marin Jayden

Benefits of the Downward Dog: Relieves stress and calms the brain.  Downward dog energizes the body and helps prevent osteoporosis.  Additionally, it will help fight insomnia and fatigue. It can be very therapeutic for those with high blood pressure, asthma and flat feet. Avoid this pose if you have carpal tunnel syndrome or are in your last trimester of pregnancy.

  • Sit on your heels.
  • Lower your head and stretch your arms forward.
  • Lift the butt into table pose so that only your hands, knees and toes are touching the mat.
  • Press against the mat with your hands and straighten your legs. Let your head hang freely and stretch your legs and waist.

Modifications: If you’d like to get a greater workout in your arms, loop a strap around your elbows. Secure it tight enough so that it almost feels like the loop is bringing your arms closer to your body. Resist the tension the loop brings and slightly push your arms outward.

Downward Dog

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