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Do Full Moons Affect our Behavior?

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Full moons are interesting. Have you ever felt a little “off” and realized it’s right around the same time as a full moon?

There might be a reason for that.

If you happen to hop on your yoga mat a few days before the next full moon, there’s a good chance your teacher will bring your awareness to the present full moon and how it can elicit ‘loony’ behavior. If you’re experiencing a sudden spurt of craziness, this may be enough. But if you turn to science, you won’t find much. Although there’s little scientific evidence that supports the link between the full moon and human conduct, that doesn’t divert most of us from feeling a connection.

Your relationship with the lunar cycle is something you need to experience on your own. You may have heard that the full moon is the ideal period of time to rid, or “shed” yourself of anything that doesn’t serve you. This is a great time to sage your home, release negativity and donate things you no longer need. By doing this, you’re creating space for something new to come into your life.
Here are a few things to consider:


How Full Moons Affect our Mood

Do full moons affect us | Our Mood
The moon offers great energy. When the full moon rises, the ocean swells. Since we’re made up of nearly 75% water, many believe the moon exerts a tidal force within our bodies causing an imbalance to our psyche. Remain calm and balanced, and you’ll absorb all its glory. If you’re feeling angry, resentful, scared or off in any way, those emotions may also intensify. So if you are feeling a little crazed, there’s no need to worry, it’s just a phase (pun intended)! Use the moon to your advantage by letting harsh thoughts pass while energetic, happy ones rise like the moon.


Full Moons Helps us Manifest our Dreams

Do full moons affect us | Our dreams
Quite a few studies from decade’s past suggest there is some type of synchronization between the human sleep cycles and the moon phases. The full moon is a better time than ever to manifest your dreams (sleeping or not). Meditate on your intention. Along with producing happy thoughts, giving yourself time to focus on your dreams can only heighten those positive vibrations!


Full Moons VS our Menstrual Cycle

Do full moons affect us | Our menstrual cycle
Have you noticed how the lunar cycle parallels a female’s menstruation cycle? It’s no coincidence (after all, nothing is). Women who typically ovulate with a full moon are said to have the best chance of physical fertility during this phase as the full moon highlights a time of ovulation, or “shedding,” as mentioned above.


Journal About it

Do full moons affect us
Take this opportunity to conduct your own science experiment. For the next few months, journal about how you feel during each moon phase (not just the full moon). When you feel you’ve logged enough information, read over your journal entries. What can you observe? Compare and contrast how you felt during each moon phase. Does your behavior line up? What patterns do you find? This is a great way to evaluate how the moon affects you on a personal level.

The lunar cycle has long been associated with fascination, folklore and wonder to human beings throughout history. There’s no doubt that the full moon draws out excitement in most of us. So whether you side with science or you’re prepping for a full moon party with your mood-balancing chakra bracelet, remember that, just like all celestial bodies, the moon and everything else in the universe affects us in one way or another as we are all connected.

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