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Detox Recipes (and Tips!) to Beat the Bloat in 7 Days

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With the warm weather upon us, we’ll be forced to shed our cool-weather clothes and find ourselves in tank tops, dresses and bathing suits.

With so much more skin showing sometimes this can be an uncomfortable time of year, especially if we’re experiencing any tummy troubles such as gas, bloating or constipation.

This is why it’s super important to proactively find ways to beat the bloat and that way you can feel your very best this summer — or any season, really!.

Here are my go-to strategies that include detox recipes and tips that you can incorporate immediately and begin to see results in about a week!

And the best part is they won’t leave you hungry, headache-y or feeling deprived!


1. Wake up with Salt Water 

When we wake up in the morning, what most don’t realize is that we’re actually in a state of dehydration from the get-go ,so it’s important to start your day off with a huge glass of water. To amp it up, I like to recommend adding ¼ of a teaspoon of sea salt or Himalayan salt for two reasons: One, iodine feeds the thyroid and we need to get this from our food. This is super important because the thyroid has a huge impact on metabolism and energy levels. Second, with the low salt craze going on the last few decades, sometimes our bodies will retain excess sodium which can lead to additional water retention. Spiking your water with salt can give your body the signal that it has enough and can let go of the extra salt, therefore leading to a slimmer waistline.


2. Do a Daily Digestion Detox

Did you know that less than 50% of Americans have at least one bowel movement every day and many suffer from chronic constipation? Part of a flat stomach is to get the digestive system moving. To do that, I recommend a gentle daily digestion supplement that can be taken every day and won’t cause dependency. Look for a natural blend that you can add to smoothies or even oatmeal, and make sure it tastes good. I like The Natural Citizen’s because it is comprised of four plant-based ingredients and nothing else, and it works like a charm!


3. Nosh on a Cleansing Summer Salad

detox recipes an tips | summer salad

 Everyone knows they need to eat more salads, but common salads at restaurants have over 1,000 calories! To summer cleanse your salad, learn how to choose whole foods that fill you up. One of the mistakes people can make while trying to slim down is to not eat enough food. Create salads full of colorful veggies, lean proteins, gluten -ree grains such as quinoa or brown rice, a healthy fat choice such as avocado and drizzle with lemon juice for the dressing. Season it up and you’re all set.


4. Opt for the Omegas

By now everyone has heard of omega fatty acids, but getting the right kind is super important to support the body to naturally cleanse and beat the bloat. When we consume too many Omega 6’s (we’re currently at an average of 16:1 ratio) vs. Omega 3’s, this causes inflammation in the body which can cause puffiness and extra fluid retention. We want to be closer to a 1:1 ratio so every day, so aim to include foods such as walnuts, wild-caught salmon, hemp, chia and flax seeds, avocado or even an Omega 3 supplement would work. Foods high in Omega 3’s are some of the best anti-inflammatory foods on the planet so they’re also a nice nutritional bonus to your diet.


5. Sip on a Detox Tea

Tea-toxing is one of the newest weight loss trends. While there are plenty of weight loss and fitness teas out there, their ingredients lists vary dramatically. Some contain artificial sweeteners, laxatives and other chemicals that may be harsh on your system. VIDA Tea uses all-natural, simple and quality ingredients plus it’s USDA certified organic.


6. Love Your Lymphatic System

detox recipes and tips| trampoline

This system is your secondary immune system and is responsible for sweeping toxins out of your body, but the problem is many of ours may be in a sluggish state due to sedentary lifestyles. It’s important to proactively rid the body of toxins as their favorite place to hide out is in our fat cells, specifically the abdominal area! To stimulate your lymphatic system, you can jump on a small rebounder trampoline or dry brush the thigh area for a few minutes in circular motions before you get into the shower. This can also potentially improve the appearance of cellulite which is obviously a huge bonus with beach weather and pool parties upon us.


7. Try a 7-Day Detox 

If you’re new to detoxing, try out a simple 7-day detox with recipes that are vegan-friendly, require NO cooking and are extremely delicious, too! Watch the step-by-step preparations for meals like creamy avocado bell pepper soup and guilt-free date cookies on Yoga Lifestyles’ YouTube channel here.


Summer should absolutely be a time of enjoyment, relaxation and fun, not a time to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. As you can see, these tips are super easy to incorporate and they can also help you to naturally shed a few pounds, have more energy and even improve the quality of your sleep. Give one or all a try and watch how easy it is to beat the bloat!

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