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Delicious Detox Water Recipes Your Body Will Love

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Delicious Detox Water Recipes Your Body Will Love

What do you refill your water bottle with once it is empty? If you’re bored of plain old water and want to cleanse the body, give yourself a health kick in the form of a water detox! A fast way to lose inches all over the body and boost energy levels, fat flushing liquids could banish bloating, rid the body of toxins and ease stress. Furthermore, your sweet tooth can be cured with a water detox, which can even heal minor ailments. Let’s take a look at some detox water recipes that you can try from home.

Lavender Blueberry Water

Blueberries Detox Water

Unwanted toxins will be expelled from the body when this antioxidant-filled detox water is consumed. Select mature lavender plants to soothe the mind and opt for smaller blueberries, as they tend to contain more nutrients.

Orange, Cucumber and Grapefruit

Orange detox water

This blend of citrus flavors and cool cucumber will give your body a dose of vitamin A. Harmful chemicals and toxins that may have accumulated in the body will not stand a chance against these detox water recipes, because the ingredients are fast-acting.

Aloe Water

Aloe vera detox water

An effective aid to the digestive system, aloe detox water recipes can be made by extracting the thick, sour liquid from inside the plant and diluting with lemon juice and water. Refreshing, this detox drink will purify the body and prevent energy slumps.

Berry Brew

Berry brew detox water

Your urinary tract will thank you for drinking a berry-crammed brew, because blackcurrants, cranberries and other berries will prevent the invasion of toxins. A good source of fuel, tropical fruits will taste delicious and put an end to inflammation disorders.

Strawberry Water

Strawberry detox water

Water that has been infused with strawberries will be the perfect cure for tummy aches. These detox water recipes are simple to make and when combined with lemon and basil leaves, the body will be overloaded with antioxidants. Chew on some strawberries too, because this fruit will help restore teeth to their natural whiteness!

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