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Beginner Yoga Challenge: Crane Pose

Performed by Marin Jayden

Benefits of the Crane Pose: Opens the groin and stretches the upper back. The abdominal organs and muscles become stronger. Partners can help you find balance.

  • Start in a squat with your feet apart and knees wider than hips;
  • As if you were moving into Downward Dog, put your hands flat in front of you on the floor, fingers spread;
  • Firm your wrists and hands and start to move your body weight off of your feet and into your hands;
  • Elbows bent, raise your hips. Put your knees on the back of your upper arms or squeeze the outer upper arms with your knees;
  • Keep the knees and elbows in line with the rest of your body;
  • Using your abs, move your upper back up;
  • Move your weight forward onto your elbows and bend the wrists close to 90 degrees;
  • Let your chest move forward and let one foot up at a time. Bring heels and feet together;
  • Hold for 30 seconds and move back up into a squat.

Modifications: It might be difficult for you to move into crow as a beginner. If so, use a block to help you squat and move into the pose.


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