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7 Reasons Why Bulgaria Should be Next on Your “Bucket List”

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Did you know Bulgaria is home to some of the most amazing beaches, forests and food in the world? Much of this scenic spot, which is nestled right above Greece and Turkey, is untouched by time, easily making it one of the most idyllic places to visit in the world. You won’t find much mention of Bulgaria on many “top vacation destinations” lists and that, friends, is what makes it one of the world’s best-kept vacation secrets. So let us indulge you on why you should break out your bucket list (and passport) right after you read these seven reasons why Bulgaria should be next on your Bucket List.


1. Traveling to Bulgaria is cheaper than you might think. 

It might seem out of reach, but the flights to Bulgaria are actually super affordable. If you fly in to Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital, it’s only a short bus or train ride to the beaches, mountains and pretty much everywhere else you’d need to go.

2. It’s safe.

Bulgarians have the reputation for being some of the nicest and welcoming people, with minimal crime. If you need help with directions or finding where you should go next, there are plenty of travelers willing to testify that the locals are friendly, considerate and can help recommended destinations with your transportation method in mind.

3. The food is amazing and the drinks are strong.

bulgarian food

Did you know that Bulgaria is the largest maker of wine in the world? They make some pretty delicious food as well and are typically sought after for their Mekitsa, which is essentially a warm, fluffy, buttery, gooey cloud of magical bread goodness. On top of that, they’re food is notoriously cheap.

4. The #views would make Drake jealous.  





The hiking trails are some of the most mesmerizing in the world and the beaches are clean, alluring and relaxing. Its capital, Sofia, is creates some of the most magnificent views in the world during summer time (which is perfect, because Yoga Lifestyles wants to send you to Udaya Yoga Festival in August ;-)).

5. The city life is modern and affordable. 


Tourists can agree the the city life in Bulgaria is surprisingly clean and contemporary. Shopping malls include major fashion outlets like H&M and the restaurants and bars are all local mom-and-pop style shops.

6. The party never ends. 

bulgaria club

Seriously, the party never ends in Bulgaria. Their nightclubs are packed and the music is almost guaranteed to make you want to dance.

7. It’s home to a retreat-style yoga and music festival.

Bulgaria is home to the Rila Mountains, which also happens to be the Root Chakra of the world. In these mountains, a retreat-style yoga and music festival, UDAYA Live, is held. It’s a five-day adventure with more than 40 inspirational yoga teachers and world-class musicians.

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