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How to Build Strength By Practicing Yoga

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A year ago, I completely focused my exercising on doing yoga. I had been in excellent shape before but it is thanks to practicing yoga, that I was able to gain real strength, as well as realize and feel the true capacities of my body. This practice has also helped me develop the right mindset, owing to which I learned to fully trust the abilities of my body.
If you are practicing a Push-Up yoga variety, you can try out the Chaturanga pose in order to achieve a powerful and strong vinyasa. You need to engage the whole body, fixing it as firmly as a board, which will allow you to build up strength.

Chaturanga pose
chair pose is also excellent in order to achieve that feeling of warmth inside the body and shaky legs. You will notice the effects of this exercise after the first 10 seconds of maintaining the pose. You can also test yourself by holding your breath for a longer period of time. This pose will come in handy in order to strengthen your core. It will help you to improve your general state as well as strengthen your abs. It is worth noting that doing this position on a regular basis will aid your practice of yoga as a whole. Your body will be slim and slender and your waist will become simply perfect.


Warrior 3 Pose may seem rather complicated to many since it requires concentrating on both, strength and balance. This position includes many army features such as outstretching your arms forward and many others.

Warrior 3 pose
Side Plank, another great way of strengthening your core, requires strong arms and shoulders. Once you learn how to do this exercise in its standard variation, you can also raise one arm to make it an even bigger challenge for your sense of balance and make your body even more enduring.

Side plank
Inversion Stand or Handstand. This is another great way to strengthen the entire body as a whole and in particular the hands and forearms. This technique allows you to develop physical strength, as well as overcome you fears!


And in conclusion here is another pose that has an extravagant name of the Corpse Pose or Shavasana. It is used in absolutely all yoga classes since it is ideal for regaining strength and relaxing your body after various physical exercises.


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