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Buddhi Box Unboxing and Review [Video!]

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Each month, Mel and Natali from the Yoga Lifestyles crew review products ranging from yoga-related to health, wellness and beauty.
They’ll explore every aspect, including special features, quality, price point and more!

This month, we’re doing a review on Buddhi Box unboxing and review. Buddhi Box is a monthly subscription box of yoga-inspired items designed to enhance your life and practice! Watch the video below and down’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

In the video above, we explore

  • What is it?
  • An unboxing of the jewelry and lifestyle box
  • How it works
  • Price point
  • Who it’s best for

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Buddhi Box Subscription Options

Monthly yoga box: a mixture of 5-6 full size items for $34.95/Month + $5 shipping. You can also purchase this as a 3-month or 6-months subscription and save up to $3 per month

Quarterly jewelry box: Each box shipment comes with 108 Mala necklace, two additional jewelry items, a healing crystal, cleansing smudge or incenses to purify your mala, and an extra bonus item. Each shipment will have a value between $125-$150. It ships every 3 months.

BBEO (BuddhiBox Essentials): One full size essential oil roll-on, 2 deluxe product sample, a guided meditation and healing crystal for $15.95/Month. This includes shipping cost!

Limited Edition One-Time boxes: A variety of options such as the Zen Meditation Box, Active Yogi, Goddess Box, or the Mommy + Baby box are available for purchase without a subscription via the website.

Visit Buddhi Box to pick your box today!

 buddhibox unboxing

Letter from the Editor

Apart from being really fun to say three times fast — Buddhi Box Buddhi Box Buddhi Box!– we had so much fun checking out what was inside Buddhi Box. Each box is themed for the month or season, so even though we released this video in December, this was actually a product that was sent to us during the summer.

I loved the variety and emphasis on self-care this subscription has. Plus, it doesn’t feel too “brand-y” since the items come in a cloth satchel (which I use for toting around toiletries and stuff for travel all the time, by the way!). It reminds me of something you would get at a bohemian festival or a mystical shop hidden in a big city you’re passing through. 

Probably my favorite feature about Buddhi Box is that you can find all of their items in their online shop. Let’s say you receive something you particularly love — if you want it again, simply log on to their website and you can purchase your own through them. You can get single “care packages” in different sizes and price ranges, so this makes an AWESOME gift, you guys! 

– Melody

Editor | Yoga Lifestyles

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