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Become a Brand Ambassador with Llama

Earn more from your referrals and keep your favorite brands in business with Llama.

Llama is not your traditional one-and-done brand ambassador platform. They believe customer loyalty is crucial to a brand’s success and longevity, which is why they operate on a long-term commission model. Llama ambassadors get rewarded for nearly every purchase their referred customers make, not just the initial ones.

In addition to having a large network of brands to discover and promote, you’ll also get perks like InstaAnalytics, which gives brands a deeper insight into your Instagram reputation and SmartLinks, a single page with referral links to your top performing offers with a super short url you can stick in your social media bio.

Llama is currently in beta and is steadily gaining traction. So if you want to get early access to this platform just click the button below to join Llama for free as an ambassador!

Join the Llama Ambassador Program