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Summer Shape Up Challenge: Boat Pose

Demonstrated by Taylor Nelms

Boat Pose – Start by sitting with your knees bent and together in front of you. Hold the back of your things or knee and extend your spine, creating space. Slightly lean back find a focus points. As you breathe in, lift your feet a few inches and align your weight evenly among your sit bones. Slowly lift your heels to be the same height as your knees and feel the stretch in your lower back. If you’re comfortable, steadily release your arms from around your knees and reach them out in front of you, keeping an open chest and shoulders. Hold for 5 breathes and exit by lowering your feet on an exhale. Benefits: Strengthens the abdomen, spine and hips as well as stimulates digestion. Your mind will also be happy, as this pose also helps to build concentration, focus and stamina. Tips: Remember to make your hips share the weight of the work, your lower abdomen should never be hard from too much exertion.