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All Our Yoga Products Reviews from 2017!

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Since we post a lot of info about yoga and yoga-related products, it’s no surprise that our inboxes were flooded with questions about our recommendations for the best products out there. We also noticed that many product reviews don’t dive very deep past the “unboxing.” As exciting as those are to watch, we thought there was a better way to go about it.

So, naturally, we decided to produce videos with in-depth reviews about our favorite products, and ones you’ve asked about. We launched our first Product Review Gurus video in May, and they’ve been a hit every since! For your entertainment, we’ve included all the product review videos below, and most have exclusive discount codes so you can try them yourselves if you find something that resonates with you!

Eco-Friendly Hybrid Yoga Mats by ZURA Review – May

Want some ZURA yoga mats for yourself? Use code WARRIOR20 to take 20% off on the ZURA website

The Chakra Bracelet by Jewelry.Yoga Review – June

Find the cheapest chakra bracelet on Amazon!

The Aromatherapy Diffuser by VIDA Essentials Review – July

Find the best oil diffuser on Amazon!

Blue Buddha Tea Review – August

Get your Blue Buddha Tea from this website!

Daily Harvest Smoothie Delivery Subscription Review – September

Get THREE FREE SMOOTHIES when you sign up at the Daily Harvest smoothie website and use code YogaLifestyles at checkout!

Liforme Yoga Mat Review – October

Get the Liforme Yoga Mat on Amazon at the lowest price!

Yogi Surprise Box – November

Get 15% off your Yogi Surprise subscription box FOR LIFE when you follow this link and use code YOGILOVE at checkout.

Buddhi Box Review – December

Get your Buddhi Box subscription from this website and get 30% off your first box when you sign up for their newsletter!

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