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Instagram Yoga: 10 of the Most Lovable Yogis to Follow

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Instagram Yoga: 10 of the Most Lovable Yogis to Follow

Instagram yoga is all about who has the ‘it’ factor

Namaste yoga-lovers!  Are you in need of some true inspiration?  Or, maybe you just love being wowed and amazed by the incredible flexibility and strength plus creativity that certain Instagram yoga practitioners bring in spades. These amazing yogis bring that extra special something to their content and will change your feed into a stunning display of fabulous yoga offerings.

Instagram yoga practitioners to admire and emulate

1. Koya Webb @koyawebb

Koya Webb is a holistic health coach and meditation teacher with an outrageously gigantic following for some very good reasons. Her content varies between insanely gorgeous yoga photos of her in a variety of inversions (the darling of Instagram yoga), inspirational passages, travel, and vegan food. She is also the CEO @GetLovedup that promotes the idealism of love within one’s self, others, and the planet. You’ll fall in love with Koya and the way she supports and celebrates others. 

2. Magdalena @yogaholick


Magdelena is a lovely lady from the Czech Republic who really loves yoga and traveling. Like a lot. Her exquisite images will captivate your attention and inspire a serious case of wanderlust within. But she’s got all kinds of chill as well and her feed will offer you a sense of tranquility and inner balance. Plus she’s a dog lover, so you can love her for that too.

3. Kylan @yoga_ky

Kylan is the girl to follow if you love mermaids, vegan food, gorgeous destinations, fashion, and acro yoga.  It’s never a dull moment with Kylan. Her personality shines through by keeping it real, fun,  and putting a whole lotta goodness out to the world. And there’s the mermaid factor.


4. Kia Miller @kiamilleryoga

Meditation requires surrender and a willingness to meet the moment in an authentic way, which may not always be comfortable or easy. In this way, we start to liberate ourselves from our old conditioning and open to the wonders of each new moment. This is true independence! – – – In the words of my teacher Guru Singh, “Resistance is the thief that robs us of the vitality required to overcome complexities. Surrender is the gift-giver through which we discover the open door.” – – – Let’s move toward that open door. Here are a few of great ways to shake up your habits, routines and rituals: – – – 1. Change the route you take to work one day 2. Exchange your morning coffee for a walk 3. Spend time listening rather than speaking 4. Do something spontaneous every day!

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Kia is the reflection of peace. She’s an Instagram yogi who practices kundalini and mediation. You can find her mediation programs on YogaGlo. Her Instagram feed is filled with spiritual photos with wise words of thoughtful inspiration that offer lots of healthy food for thought.

5. Chyla Walsh @chylawalshyoga

🔺 I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.🔺 .:. I’m in Colorado with my Mom and sisters and I’m overwhelmed with love + gratitude. .:. It’s here! .:. Female Rebels Online Program, Inner Alchemy is here! 🔺 ~link in bio~ .:. Excuse me while I do a happy dance! 💃🏼 .:. In truth, it’s like I’m back where I began this journey, with my sisters and my Mom. The women who’ve been holding me my whole life. Through thick and thin, they’ve taught me about real sisterhood. .:. Launching while holding there hands this morning brought me tears. .:. The timing is just perfection. 🔺 .:. Together in Female Rebels we will: 🔺 Anchor in our vision 🔺 Grow our spiritual practices 🔺 Be held by our sisters 🔺 Take action on our dreams 🔺 Create radical transformation .:. Let’s be BRAVE, together. .:. It is my honor to invite you @female_rebels Online Program, Inner Alchemy. .:. Sign up link in bio! (register by June 27th!) . . Huge gratitude to my amazing partner @coby_cash for all his support. To @jenniferlijohnson for rocking it like the tech goddess she is. And to @andreadlmar for the gorgeous photos on the site! .:. I AM the luckiest girl in the world. . . . #femalerebels #inneralchemy #sixweekprogram #openforregistration

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Chyla is the essence of a yoga mamma and female advocate who wants to help you realize your dharma and live your greatest life. A yogapreneur, Chyla has an online training program through her site female rebels called Inner Alchemy, designed to propel each participant towards her power and purpose. 

6. Rachel Brathen @yoga_girl

Rachel is the OG of Instagram yoga. Her purpose is to spread the message of being authentic and living your dream. She offers a fresh perspective on life and harmony, offering the message to “embrace what is yours and own it.” Follow Rachel on Instagram and check out her book, Yoga GirlHer life story will make your heart sing and help you question your life and how you can live it to the fullest. A true beach babe, you’ll most likely find Rachel practicing yoga on the beach or enjoying asana on a paddleboard. 


7. Rachel Gorman @rachel.acu.yogi

Rachel enjoys healthy living through her holistic approach to living as an herbalist and acupuncturist. Hailing from outside Boston, Rachel’s feed offers beautifully mastered yoga postures and lots of useful information on how to use herbs and acupuncture to increase your health and feel your very best.

8. Duncan Peak @yogidunx

Work hard in silence and let your success be the noise! Another retreat down, 85 souls on fire 🔥 now time for some rest 😅…. thank you @komunebali bali fr all yr support always and to my dream team of assistance @lovenlaughter @tessaleonyoga @troy.abraham @yoga_suitra thank you 🙏 we rocked the week 🕺🏼💃🏻🙌🧘‍♂️…. the posture koundyinasana is one of the easier low arm balances… to get the back leg off the ground has a lot to do with how far I can get yr centre of gravity forward so u can lift the back lever, some times this places load in the wrist, so protect those joints. Try to keep shoulders at elbow height, rather than dumping the low to ground to help get back leg up. The more hamstring range u have the better, as u will be able to get the front key for ward more to give u more forward lever. Press down incredible hard into that front leg on the elbow and let that give us the strength to fly yr back leg up! This asana is dedicated to the sage Koundinya. There is a version that sage Koundinya himself was created by Parvati for the purpose of extracting and fermenting the sap of the wild date palm and thus supplying the wants of gods and men in the matter of intoxicating drinks hmm 🤔 anyway a fun pose and can be taught to beginner as they progress from bakasana, use a block for back leg and blocks under shoulders when learning. Enjoy 😉🧘‍♂️💖🕺🏼🙇🏼‍♂️

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Duncan is a Sydney, Australia yoga instructor and avid surfer. He’s the founder of Power Living Yoga and has an online studio that will encourage you to explore a new way of looking at yoga. He’s a lover of great quotes, big waves, and yoga philosophy. Follow this Instagram yogi for both his stunning photos and very loving message. 

9. Megan @yogimegs

Megan is pretty dreamy and so is her IG feed. This Instagram yogi has a gorgeous practice, thoughtful comments, and stylish sequencing make her one to watch and follow. She’s a cheerleader of dogs, travel, and you. Follow her right now.

10. Dianne Bondy @diannebondyyoga

Filming at @yoga_international with @katheagberglar

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Oh Miss Dianne, how we love you. One of the leaders of the body positive movement in the yoga realm, Dianne always keeps it real and speaks passionately from the heart. You can take an online training with Dianne or follow her around the globe to hear her message of inclusivity and revel in her no bullshit agenda.

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