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4 Ways Yoga Can Help You Meet Your Weight Loss Goals

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4 Ways Yoga Can Help You Meet Your Weight Loss Goals

benefits of yoga for weight loss facts|yoga lifestyles

The benefits of yoga for weight loss are not fully understood or often discussed

A lot of people who are interested in yoga or already practicing have only a vague understanding that it can assist with weight loss. Often, however, it goes only so far as understanding that yoga is a form of exercise, and therefore must have some positive effect in this regard. But to get a more accurate idea of how you can use yoga to meet weight loss goals, it helps to gain a better understanding of the different specific benefits.

Mental Outlook Changes

This is an intangible benefit, so it’s something that some serious fitness people will inevitably roll their eyes at. However, many who have found success through yoga will swear that there’s something to it. One such practitioner, who dropped 85 pounds almost exclusively by yoga, described the phenomenon by saying that when you embark upon a yoga journey, you will begin to see things in a new light. It “wakes you up,” as she put it, and allows you to take more pleasure in what feels good for your body, as opposed to what you logically know is good. To use an example, there’s a sort of mental shift that takes place that might allow you to say no to a can of soda where you otherwise wouldn’t have. You’ve always known the soda isn’t healthy, but in the midst of a yoga journey, you’re better able to identify that drinking it will probably make you feel worse. Thus, in an indirect way, an altered mental outlook can improve your diet.

Stress Relief Is A Factor
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It’s widely acknowledged and scientifically supported that yoga helps to lower stress levels. What some people don’t connect is that those same stress levels can be responsible for a lot of poor diet decisions. “Stress eating” is a very real thing, and it doesn’t necessarily mean you down a quart of ice cream because you had a bad day at work. It can manifest in snacking or sneaking in a sweetened latte. When you’re not as stressed and generally more content, you’re less likely to snack outside your diet routine which is an important factor in pursuing weight loss goals.


It Works Specific Muscles

Toning muscles is not the same as losing weight, as we know. But sometimes we almost forget that even light yoga is an effective muscular workout. A recent article discussed easy exercises people can do while gaming to be less sedentary. The concept is that people engaging in recreation can still do some simple exercises to keep from being too still. The article pointed out that even in a breathing pose, you’re working muscles. Contracting your respiratory muscles is just as important as contracting your biceps. And, breathing exercises work your abdominals. This speaks to the idea that yoga can support your weight loss goals. 

You Burn Calories!
benefits of yoga for weight loss calories|yoga lifestyles

Perhaps it’s an obvious point to make, but the physical practice of yoga does actually burn calories, a fact people seem to forget sometimes in discussions about yoga and weight loss. The number of calories burned during a yoga session vary greatly according to the technique, the length of the session, and your weight. But in some cases an hour-long yoga class can actually burn upwards of 500 calories! So if losing weight is something you’re looking to achieve, try an active yoga class and witness the benefits of yoga for weight loss for yourself. 

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