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3 Reasons Why Drinking More Water Must Be Your Top Resolution for 2018

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3 Reasons Why Drinking More Water Must Be Your Top Resolution for 2018

A tale as old as time – water is multi-beneficial. Nothing new on that front, right? Still, what keeps on happening is that dermatologists, MDs, cosmeticians, fitness instructors, yoga teachers, beauticians and other experts we trust with our inner and outer health keep finding new, improved benefits of drinking water, making it an absolute “must.”

If you’ve been an occasional water drinker (a sip here and there after your yoga practice) thinking water consumption isn’t that big a deal as they claim it is, maybe it’s time you changed your tune and re-focused your (water) drinking habits. With 2018, there’ll be plenty of chances for you to upgrade yourself in every possible way (mentally, spiritually, physically), so make a decision to drink as much water as possible in order to keep your body happy, healthy, vital and glowing.

Read the list below to find out the benefits of drinking water on your body and mind, and ways to start drinking it more without getting bored with the commitment.

Drinking Water Improves Skin Appearance and Skin Health

Dermatologists find that regular water intake has a positive impact on the skin, helping it keep or regain a younger-looking, radiant complexion. As the biggest organ in the human body, the skin is, along with other organs, predominantly made up of water which means that it needs water to stay healthy. Limiting water consumption is directly affecting the skin’s surface, leaving it dry, flaky and prone to wrinkles.

Although drinking water isn’t a magic anti-aging pill, it is essential in maintaining the optimum skin moisture. Water replenishes the skin tissue, increases its elasticity and, consequently, helps delay signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. Drinking water helps combats skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis, too.

benefits of drinking more water | antiaging

Drinking Water Helps with Weight loss

Conventional wisdom tells us that regular water consumption speeds up our bowel function, aiding with constipation problems and toxin elimination. The more water you drink, the faster your gut flora will help your body eliminate waste. This, consequently, keeps the body fit and healthy.

Research indicates that drinking cold water potentially increases your calorie expenditure and keeps bloating at bay. When you are feeling hungry, the trick is to drink water to establish whether you are indeed hungry or your body’s craving fluids. So, before you gorge on that cheeseburger, have a tall glass of water first.

Additionally, water is known to be a phenomenal toxin cleanser seeing as how water consumption helps the digestive system flush out toxins from the body. Not only will your skin look great as a result, but you’ll feel light and vigorous.

benefits of drinking water | improves mental clarity

Drinking Water Keeps Muscles Healthy

Muscles are made up of up to 75% water; to keep their functioning uninterrupted and prevent muscular cramps, they need enough water supply. Plus, powering up on water will help you exercise as you’ll be feeling healthier and stronger. To get the best water quality, try to go with filtered instead of tap.

With amazing products we’ve got on the market today, like those phenomenal UV filters that help your UV disinfection systems operate at the required UV output, it is easier than ever to stay on top of your (water) game.

benefits of frinking water | helps you lose weight

Drinking Water Improves Mental Clarity

To function optimally, our brains depend on proper hydration; brain cells demand a delicate balance between various elements and enough water to operate, and when you are not supplying the body and mind with enough water, that balance is disrupted. Not only are your brain cells losing efficiency but your mental clarity is getting disrupted, too.

After years of research, it’s been established that a dehydrated body (and mind) is less likely to keep focus; the attention span is shorter and our short-term memory function may be damaged. The ability to perform mental arithmetic, complex or semi-complex operations like calculating is lowered when we are dehydrated.

So, next time you have problems calculating if you’ll be late for work in case you hit snooze for another ten minutes, remember: you need to increase your water consumption stat! And, in case you need a little help with drinking water, we’ve got the best detox water recipe for you right here.

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