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Your Natural Medicine Cabinet: Aloe Vera Benefits

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Thought aloe vera is only good for sunburns? Think again.

Aloe vera is truly like a medicinal swiss army knife that you can grow in a pot in your house.

Many of us know it as a “sunburn” relief when we go to the drugstore and see it as a green gel in a bottle (and you might be surprised that sometimes those “aloe vera sunburn gels” contain a lot of chemicals and a tiiiny bit of aloe. We recommend using an 100% all-natural, organic product like the one found here).

But did you know that this succulent can be used for much more than a burn remedy relief and a nice garden plant to look at? This desert-dwelling plant is known for many medicinal properties that I will list below that might make you run to the store to purchase one. It’s native to North Africa, Europe and the Canary Islands.

First of all, aloe vera is really antibacterial and can help heal minor wounds quicker than most Neosporin-filled band-aid. It’s very rich in vitamins and minerals that are anti-inflammatory and can help with skin issues like eczema and psoriasis. Because it is so high in anti-inflammatory properties, it is being researched more and more for daily uses for things like acid reflux, heartburn, constipation, blood sugar issues and more!

Treat a variety of skin conditions with frozen aloe vera

So many times aloe vera has saved my life! Not just with sunburns but minor burns, bug bites and skin flare-ups can be alleviated and improved with some frozen aloe. There are a couple ways to do it:

  1. Cut a leaf in 2 (long ways) and simply put inside the freezer in saran wrap. This is quick and easy and will do the trick. When needed just unwrap and apply directly on the wound or scrape some off with a spoon and apply.
  2. Cut the leaf and squeeze the gel into ice cube trays and apply when needed.

Alternative to shaving cream

Yup, no more having to spend $7 to buy shaving cream that’s “special” for your legs or face. Since aloe is slippery, it’s a great way to avoid the nicks and get the moisturizing properties of cream. Also, the plant has antibacterial properties that can help prevent ingrown hairs. Plus, if you happen to cut yourself while shaving, it’s safe and will help kill any bacteria!

Relieve dry feet and hands

This has saved me when traveling to dry climates and my usual moisturizing cream didn’t cut it. Apply the aloe vera to the most cracked parts of your feet or hands and put a warm towel over it or socks for overnight. The warm towel will help absorb it deeper into the skin for a delicious feeling. It can also be used as a hand sanitizer and mixed with some oil and essential oils. Natural anti-microbial!


Don’t happen to have any aloe vera in your backyard? Get your own here!


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