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Introducing the All Natural Remedy for Anxiety with Sunday Scaries, CBD Oil-infused Gummies

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Introducing the All Natural Remedy for Anxiety with Sunday Scaries, CBD Oil-infused Gummies

Psst, this is a partner article, meaning it was specially curated for our friends at Sunday Scaries, though we only agree to post content about brands we believe in, so everything you read below is our honest, authentic thoughts and ideas 😉

Did you know anxiety is the number one mental health issue in the US and affects more than 40 million people? It’s no laughing matter, and what’s especially astonishing is the vast amounts of medication available to treat anxiety and anxiety-related disorders such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and social phobias.

With all the side effects and addictive qualities of these medications, it’s no surprise that people are looking to try more natural alternatives to treat their anxiety such as yoga, meditation and more recently, CBD oil. That’s how we found out about Sunday Scaries, a California-based company that creates non-habit forming CBD oil and CBD oil-infused gummies.

Wait, Doesn’t CBD Oil Come from the Cannibis Plant and Won’t it Get Me High?

CBD oil, known as cannabinol, is extracted from the cannabis plant, however it’s not to be confused with THC, the active ingredient in cannabis that gets you high. CBD oil won’t alter your state of mind, in fact it’s gained popularity in the holistic health world for other reasons—specifically, its relaxing effect and usefulness as both a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory.

Our Personal Experience with Sunday Scaries

With all the misinformation about CBD so readily available, I assumed these kind of companies would be very rigid with their medical and legal jargon. However, just by looking at Sunday Scaries’ Instagram, we immediately knew that wasn’t the case at all. Their feed is full of memes and videos that address anxiety in a lighthearted and relatable way, as if to say: anxiety is a major bummer, but you’re not alone.

But Sunday Scaries doesn’t just care about authentically connecting with their audience, they take the quality of the products they’re selling you very seriously. They manufacture and ship from the US, unlike other CBD companies that get their CBD oil from places like China, who have loose regulations.

This can leave you guessing about what other chemicals might be in your CBD, which isn’t comforting. Sunday Scaries works with teams to provide Certificates of Analysis to test the purity of the CBD oil, which is sourced from farms in Colorado, and also requires them to be organic and free of pesticides.

While I don’t suffer from chronic anxiety, I do have run-ins with intense situational anxiety, specifically when it comes to things like doctor’s appointments, which I coincidentally had the day after we receieved our Sunday Scaries shipment. The instructions on the label encourages you to take 1-2 gummies as needed. So, I treated myself to a green and a red before heading to my appointment.

I felt unusually calm and collected, despite being caught in traffic and nearly missing my appointment entirely. I thought my relatively free-spirited feelings may have just been my imagination, but then I got a second opinion.

The nurse who takes my vitals knows me for being particularly nervous in any medical situation commented that I appeared “especially relaxed” based on my blood pressure, which usually spikes right before I see my doctor. Maybe it was a placebo effect, maybe it was the CBD. I can’t be certain for sure, I just know that I felt seriously chilled out.

Sunday Scaries review | Yoga Lifestyles

My friend and colleague also tried the gummies. She does a yoga flow before bed and took them about an hour before her flow and reported that she felt like she was in a meditative state throughout her entire practice. She also said it helped her relax right before going to bed, so there’s that. As for the oil, we both found it to be a little more potent.

I work out 4-5 times a week and at any given time experience soreness in various muscle groups in my body. After taking the CBD oil, it not only made me feel extremely mellow, but my body ached a little less as, if I had taken an aspirin.

What Products Does Sunday Scaries Have?

Sunday Scaries offers a few different types of products: CBD oil (500 mg bottle) and gummies (both vegan and non-vegan, with 20 gummies per bottle with 10mg of CBD in each). Individually, you the gummies for about $40 each, and the oil, called CBD Tincture for about $70, although they offer several different packages including subscriptions that will save you up to 30%.

Receive 10% Off When You Order Sunday Scaries

Want to try Sunday Scaries for yourself? Just for being a reader of Yoga Lifestyles, you can instantly enjoy 10% off your first order when you use code YOGALIFESTYLES at checkout. And, if you use the discount code, on a bundle or subscription, that’s an additional 10% you could be saving on top of their 30% bundle!



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