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8 Ways Acro Yoga Will Strengthen Your Relationship Today

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You want to bring your partner into your yoga practice and try acro yoga with them — that’s great! What if they are a little skeptical about giving it a try? Try sharing the eight reasons below with them, then see how easy it is by trying it out and watching this short video tutorial for beginners — once they realize how it can enhance your relationship, they just may warm up to the idea!



1: You’ll find a new connection with each other

8-Reasons-Why-You-Should-Try-Acro-Yoga-with-Your-Partner | intense attraction


From each individual’s personal experience we can all agree that the more time you spend doing fun things with someone else a special connection always forms between the two of you. The more that you do, the stronger the connection! In recent studies research shows that social connections make people happier and healthier physically and mentally. Low anxiety, low depression, high self-esteem, and a strengthened immune system is among its other benefits! Plus, acro yoga requires plenty of trust, so you can continue building on the beautiful relationship you already have.



2: You can add it to your list of commonalities that bind you

why you should try acro yoga | bind


We’ve always heard that opposites attract and though that may be true for some people we all like to find commonalities between us and others. It seems to just fill that gap and make less room to just wander off on your own because your partner is disinterested. Who has time for silence when we’re discussing all of the new things we had learned at Acro Yoga today?



3: The attraction between you will get more and more intense

8-Reasons-Why-You-Should-Try-Acro-Yoga-with-Your-Partner1 |Connection 

The laws of attraction apply here! Let’s face it and just be honest about it. Even if you have been together for years the attraction that you will feel for each other will be incredible! How can this not happen when your hands are all over each other as you move into knew poses? In the laws of attraction, the belief is that like attracts like and that emotions are pure energy. What emotion you bring with you will pass on to your partner. During acro yoga you’ll feel all the positive vibes



4: You can add longevity to your list of perks

 8-Reasons-Why-You-Should-Try-Acro-Yoga-with-Your-Partner |longevity

Acro yoga holds all of the benefits of any other form of yoga! If practiced regularly yoga can help with a long list of complaints and/or illnesses. Mentally you can reduce the risk of anxiety and depression. Yoga can improve your mood and memory and it can also help recover and deal with bad past experiences. In fact it is often used in rehabilitation centers! Spiritually you are more open and intuitive and physically you strength your muscles, improve digestion, better your sleep, become more flexible, strengthen your immunity to sickness and infections, and in the meantime ease any body aches that may come your way. All of this added up equals to a longer and happier life. You only have one so let’s do it right!



5: You can compromise by offering to try something that they like as well


People often like to meet half way. It’s a ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ type of mentality. It’s no one’s fault, we’re just programmed that way. There needs to be a little bit of reciprocation involved in this convincing process. After all, would you like to do everything your partner loves to do all the time and put everything you love to do last? Nope! So neither do they. Do a trade off! Try something like “If you do two hours of acro yoga with me, then I will go canoeing with you.” And you could have fun too, right?!



6: Tons of timeless amazing pictures come from Acro Yoga. Awe! Look at us!


Anyone who has a yoga board on Pinterest can vouch that there are fantastic and beautiful pictures of couples doing acro yoga on there! Their forms! Their kisses during the pose! Their clothes! Their very existence! Oh, come on, that could be us!



7: It’s great for the adventure-seeking pair


Adventure-seekers would love this! No, we’re not climbing the Andes Mountains or hiking the Appalachian or Pacific Coast Trail, but we are doing something equally amazing! We are making memories and doing things that so many others are not! We are getting the thrill seeking high and reaping the benefits of every single pose. Involve yourself. Try something new. Never stop searching for that next thing, that new stop. Keep on going, Gypsy, keep on!



8: The feeling of accomplishment will be so satisfying for you both


You’re literally defying gravity here; if you never do it, you just never know. Who would want to turn down that indescribable feeling you would get when you see that picture of that pose that you had once thought to be impossible? Who wouldn’t want to remember the moment that we did that together? What two people can do when they put their mind to it! And okay, who wouldn’t want to feel like an acrobat?


So, to sum it all up, if you are out of material and your partner still just won’t do it, maybe you can throw a little of this their way. May you have good will and a little bit of luck on your side. Now, carry on!





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