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8 Easy Steps to Reduce Lower Back Pain

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Adriene, a Yogi from Austin, TX and Co-Founder of Find What Feels Good – Yoga! posted a great video on how to deal with back pain. Let’s take a look at the basics:


#1 –  Lie on your back with your knees slightly pulled toward your chest. Put your hands on your knees and gently draw circles in the air.

back pain 1


#2 –  Lie flat on your back and gently lift your lower back toward the ceiling. There should be enough of a gap to slip your arm in-between your back and the ground.




#3 –  Sit up with your legs crossed.  Round-out and stretch your spine by slowly lowering your chin to your chest until you feel some tension in your lower back.




#4 – From a high plank, bring one foot in-line with your hands and slowly lower your opposite knee to the ground. Hold this pose, stretching the lower back for a few seconds and then repeat with the other leg in front.




#5 – From the previous position, rock back so that the front leg is fully extended and your weight is over your opposite knee. Slowly lean forward to stretch the lower back and hold for a few seconds before switching to the other leg.



#6 – Stand up and then reach for you toes but unlock your knees for a better lower back stretch.




#7 – Lie on your back and gently rotate your knees to one side. Keep them below your waistline and feel your lower back pain melt away.




#8 –  This one is very simple. Lie on your back and STRETCH. Take up as much horizontal space as possible. Feel that back pain melting away yet?


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