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7 Yoga Brand Discounts for Yoga and Fitness Professionals

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Yoga brand discounts make the expensive stuff affordable

Every yoga fanatic has their favorite items that they wear or use. However, it can get expensive especially for teachers who not only wear yoga clothes but need to buy accessories for their classes, such as mats, towels, blankets, straps, and blocks. Luckily, many places give brand discounts and perks, specifically to yoga and fitness professionals. We want to look great and support wonderful companies who are making a difference as we do our best to offer inspiring classes. The following brand discounts will save you money and have you looking amazing and ready to flow. 


1. Lululemon

25% off through the sweat collective. This is an in-store discount offered to fitness professionals. Lululemon is very involved in the community and offers retreats, festivals, and have local store ambassadors promoting wellness and inspired living. All stores offer a free class once a week, either Saturday or Sunday before the store opens. Go take advantage of that at your local Lululemon store. 

Women Clothing

Women’s Accessories

  •  Hair accessories

Yoga Accessories

Men Clothing

  • Tops
  • Bottoms

2. Kira Grace Yoga and Fitness Pro Program

The Pro Program offers special discounts for instructors once the application is approved. Luxurious quality yoga fashion that flatters the body and can be taken to the street for diverse functionality. 100% women-owned offering beautiful unique designs and materials.

brand discounts accessories|yoga lifestyles

Women’s Clothing

  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Dresses

3. Prana Influencer Program 

Prana offers 40 – 50%, one of the best brand discounts out there. This is for the fitness professional and also requires an application

Committed to weaving sustainability into their company. They use organic cotton, recycled wool, hemp, recycled polyester, and repurposed down materials in their items. They take pride in their partnerships and factories to provide the most effective products following the guideline and safety protocols.

Yoga Accessories

  • Mats
  • Chalk bags
  • towels
  • Straps
  • Blocks

Women Accessories

  • Scarves
  • Hats & Headbands
  • Bags & Totes
  • Belts

Men Accessories

  • Hats Headbands
  • Belts

4. Athleta 

7 poses for post pregnancy weight loss | piegon pose

30% off discount in-store only for yoga and other fitness teachers.

Fashion forward yoga wear and other essentials to motivate you in your practice. Great designs and they also offer free in-store classes. Check out the details.

Women’s Clothing

  • Bras
  • Tops
  • Bottoms

Yoga Accessories

5. Hard Tail Clothing

20% off discount online for fitness professionals

Hard Tail offers both classic and unique designs manufactured in California with a strong emphasis on female empowerment. 

Women’s Clothing


  • Tops
  • Dresses
  • Tanks & Tees
  • Bras
  • Outwear
  • Leggings
  • Sweaters

6. Zura Yoga Products

eco friendly gifts | zura block

A newcomer on the yoga scene, Zura yoga products are both durable and beautiful. Zura is a Sanskrit word that translates into ‘warrior for good’. Most of the materials are eco-friendly and biodegradable, offering you a high-performance product that you can feel good about using.

Yoga Mats & Accessories

  • eco-friendly mats,
  • Reversible 2-in-1 travel mats
  • blocks
  • water bottles
  • straps
  • resistance bands
  • acupressure yoga wheel.

Yoga teachers can receive a 35% discount once their application is approved. Teachers can also apply to become a Zura Ambassador. Check the site for deets.

7. Yoga Lifestyles

Last but certainly not least, that’s us! As a Yoga Lifestyles ambassador, you’ll have access to a ton of perks.

Our Perks

  • FREE reposting of your photos on our Instagram/Facebook
  • FREE or HIGHLY DISCOUNTED (up to 90% off) products for testing and review
  • OPPORTUNITIES to host Instagram challenges, giving you exposure to engage with hundreds of thousands of followers
  • OPPORTUNITIES to advertise or promote your services
  • EXTREME DISCOUNTS to yoga and lifestyles brands like VIDA Essentials, Jewelry.Yoga and ZURA (mentioned above)

Applying is easy, and we’re currently working to expand to give you even more amazing benefits.


Know of any other Companies with Perks?

If you teach yoga or any other type of physically active classes, utilizing brand discounts is the only way to have clothing that will sustain its durability wash after wash. Let us know in the comments about any other companies that offer amazing discounts, and happy shopping!

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  • Rita B says:

    Great article! Thank you! It’s wonderful finding companies that appreciate us yoga instructors. Another company that offers a teacher appreciation discount is Mika Yoga Wear.

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