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7 Amazing Products with Activated Charcoal

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From beauty to health, activated charcoal is a holy grail ingredient. Why? Start by reading about their many benefits here.

Although there are many products with activated charcoal out there, we did the research and tested MANY products that help clear skin, detoxify and even prevent insect bites.

Check out our top picks!



1. Origins Clear Improvements

This mask is an all-natural product with active charcoal ingredients. It’s best for acne and oil control as it acts like a magnet to remove dirty pores. It also dissolves impurities and gives your skin a refreshing glow.




2. CoalGreat Activated Charcoal Toothpaste + Powder Combo

coalgreat charcoal toothpaste | Yoga Lifestyles 

Activated charcoal doesn’t just do wonders for your skin, it’s an incredible teeth whitener, too! Use this combination toothpaste and charcoal powder set to lift stains, impurities and strengthen the enamel of your teeth. You’ll see results in as little as two weeks.



3. Boscia Detoxifying Cleanser

Use this cleanser to brighten the skin and minimize the look of pores. This warming gel cleanser dissolves makeup and clears up unwanted dirt. Along with activated charcoal, this cleanser contains glycolic acid for skin’s appearance, vitamin C to brighten the skin tone and licorice root to reduce hyperpigmentation.



4. Biore Pore Strips

Have you ever struggled with blackheads and stubborn oil? These strips do wonders by extracting deep-down dirt in your pores. They leave your skin fresh and with less oil. Keep a few packs in your bag for excess oil removing during the day!  



5. Apotheke Shampoo

For a sulfate-free formula, this shampoo gives your hair and scalp a break from damage. The all-natural ingredients are locally sourced and packaged. The sweet smell of lavender, orange, cedar wood and frankincense oil will give your hair the break it needs to replenish the natural softness while giving it the most delicious smell.



6. Nature’s Way Activated Charcoal Supplement

The activated charcoal capsules capture unwanted materials and gas and carry it through the digestive system. Take before a night out drinking or when you feel bloated to help prevent hangovers and toxins from staying in the body. Be sure to wait several hours before taking other medications, as it can reduce the effectiveness.



7. Viva Doria Activated Charcoal Powder

charcoal product | activated charcoal

Powder is great for making pastes, adding to drinks or adding it to your favorite beauty products. To make your own acne recipe, take the powder and mix it with aloe vera gel and tea tree oil. The mixture will detox the pores. In small amounts, you can add charcoal powder to lemonade for a refreshing detox. You can also use it to make an insect bite paste to relieve the itching and burning.



All of these products have their special benefits and each one is unique to the formula. Always consult a doctor before ingesting activated charcoal and read the instruction labels for the correct ways to use the supplement.

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