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6 Widely Practiced Types of Yoga: Find the Perfect Style For You

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6 Widely Practiced Types of Yoga: Find the Perfect Style For You

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Types of yoga popular around the world

Hatha and Ashtanga are two very popular types of yoga widely practiced across the globe for a robust body, mental clarity, heightened awareness, and detoxed nervous system. Moreover, there also exist diverse glorious yoga styles that many of you have yet to explore. Here we offer a list of other types of yoga that are popular for enhanced goodness and well-being. Review the list below and expand your perspective!

1. Vinyasa yoga 

Vinyasa is a diverse, challenging, physical, mental, and spiritual practice. It involves the interconnection of breath and movement. The practice of continuous flowing from one posture to another makes it a form of moving meditation. The dance-like postures instill flexibility, strength, and calmness. The style can be customized to suit the needs of every individual, while the essence of the class depends upon the inventiveness of the yoga instructor. Vinyasa classes can be slow and mellow or fast-paced and intense depending upon the experience level of the practitioners.

2. Restorative Yoga or Yin Yoga

An ideal solution to completely relax your body and mind from daily stressors is to practice slow-paced restorative yoga. Dedicated practice will replenish your spirit, leading you towards a more fulfilling life. This style focuses on the execution of asanas with the aid of props, such as blankets, blocks, and bolsters that support the body so the poses can be held for a longer duration. 

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3. Yin Yang Yoga

Practice yin-yang yoga for deep relaxation and healing. Yin is a mellow-paced yoga style where the yoga asanas are held for a prolonged duration.  The focus is on the connections of the pelvis, hips, and lower back. Yang is a practice of energetic, dynamic standing yoga postures that strengthen deep muscular tissues. Practice this style to harmonize the yin and yang energies present in our body and reap its multiple benefits, such as strength, pliancy, and a detoxed internal system.

4. Sivananda Yoga

One of the most powerful types of yoga, Sivananda yoga stretches and tones the body of a practitioner. This practice was developed by Swami Sivananda in 1936 to maintain the body in optimum health. The style is comprised of the five elements of yoga philosophy: proper breathing, deep meditation, yogic diet, positive thinking, and exercise. Practitioners of all levels can practice this style for vitality, re-energizing the body, and self-empowerment.

5. Kripalu Yoga

Inspired by classical Hatha yoga, Kripalu is a challenging yoga style that emphasizes meditation and breathwork. The practice fosters inward focus and spiritual attunement. Additionally, it also focuses on a proper understanding of the body functions and how it works in different postures. It teaches practitioner to accept the body as your best teacher.

6. Kundalini Yoga

This yoga style is influenced by Shaktism and Tantra philosophy and is also known as ‘laya yoga.’ The main focus of Kundalini yoga is to awaken the Kundalini forces lying dormant within us through the regular practice of meditation, pranayama, yoga asanas, and mantra chanting.

There are many more types of yoga you can practice for improving your overall health. Go for the one that entices you the most and have fun exploring.

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