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5 Unusual Ways Yoga Teachers Can Offer Yoga Outside of the Studio

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5 Unusual Ways Yoga Teachers Can Offer Yoga Outside of the Studio

One of the Biggest Yoga Teacher Benefits Is You can Teach Anywhere

How about that for #yogaeverywhere? All you need is you. Sure, it’s great to have a props, and superb lighting, but ultimately, you just need yourself and boom, a yoga class can happen anywhere.

Have you ever thought about teaching yoga outside of a studio? You might be surprised to learn the unique ways yoga teachers are using their skills and bringing yoga to others who might not otherwise be practicing.

Nowadays, you can find yoga in schools, offices, online, and even happening inside breweries. The West has embraced yoga, and opportunities are abundant. Yogis are thinking way outside the box and offering yoga classes in unexpected places. And, it helps to diversify your skill set to make yourself more marketable!

Everyone can benefit from yoga. What if you used your yoga teaching skills to reach people who either can’t or won’t make it to a dedicated yoga studio?  Yoga is all about healing and connection. So let’s bring yoga everywhere and expose people to its beauty and power who might not otherwise seek it out.

Unusual (and inspiring) ways yoga teachers are using their talents

Enhance the Workplace

What about bringing yoga to your work world? A growing number of mental health professionals are bringing asana, meditation, and pranayama into their therapy sessions.In the U.S., nearly 1 in 5, or roughly 43 million Americans suffer from a mental illness. With numbers this large, it’s no surprise that yoga has become a game-changer for anxiety, depression, and trauma treatment.

Therapy certainly isn’t the only profession incorporating yoga. High school teachers are sharing yoga in their classrooms. Pre-school teachers are calming toddlers with Child’s Pose and Downward Dog. No matter what your career is, you can always weave yoga into the workday. Simply eating a clean lunch or taking a moment to breathe is a huge part of the practice.


Flex Your Creativity Muscles with Content Creation

yoga teacher benefits photography|yoga lifestyles

Do you love to write? Are you a developing photographer? Yoga teachers are sharing their knowledge in books, art, and all over the internet. It’s truly inspiring to delve into the creative content a fellow yogi has curated.

Jessamyn Stanley, an incredibly empowering yoga teacher from North Carolina, wrote the book, Every Body Yoga: Let Go of Fear, Get on the Mat, Love Your Body. She’s changing how people of all sizes see themselves and their place in the yoga world. Rosie Acosta interviews yogis from around the world on her podcast. We’re not saying you have to write a 300-page book to make an impact, but we do have the ability to share our message with many. It’s incredible the reach we all can have now, so take your teaching off the mat and extend your knowledge and offerings to the world at large. 

Write an article, start that podcast, create videos, take pictures and make a difference. The world needs more wellness warriors, and you’re the only person who can share your unique take and understanding of what yoga can offer. 


Show Up for Hollistic Healthcare

More and more research is supporting yoga’s therapeutic effects, and the medical world is taking notice. Yoga teachers are starting to work alongside physical therapists, acupuncturists, and doctors to enhance patient care.

The beauty of yoga is that it’s accessible to everyone, just as healthcare should be. It can be an enormous challenge for people to get the healthcare they need. Yoga teachers can get certified in therapeutic techniques (For example, Iyengar-based restoratives, mindfulness-based pain relief, and Yoga Nidra) to reach those in need. The bridge between healthcare and yoga is only growing stronger, and it’s one of the most rewarding ways to use your skills.


Host Events and Teach in Exotic Locations

yoga teacher benefits travel|yoga lifestyles

Do you dream of teaching yoga to the beat of live music? What about flowing on the beach with the ocean as your soundtrack? Yoga is showing up big time at all sorts of exciting events and life’s big moments. More and more yoga teachers are traveling to teach at festivals, wine (and beer) tastings, as well as working at resorts to offer yoga to travelers. There’s also a growing demand for yoga at weddings. Traveling and enjoying exciting events via teaching is one of the very best yoga teacher benefits. Go live it up by teaching at one (or all) of these events and occasions: 

  1. Bridal Showers
  2. Bachelorette Parties
  3. Yoga Raves (Yeah, it’s a real thing)
  4. Corporate Team-Building Events
  5. Festivals
  6. Wellness Retreats
  7. Workshops
  8. Museum Events
  9. Bar Events (Vinyasa and Mimosas, anyone?)
  10. Art Gallery Shows

Eat Mindfully with Yoga Dinner Parties

It doesn’t get much better than yoga, delicious food, and friends in the comfort of your own home. Yoga dinner parties are a growing trend (and we totally get why). The infusion of yoga followed by a tasty meal is a dreamy way to spend the evening connecting with the people you love.

Why not have a weekly family yoga night? Set aside some time to enjoy a meal and practice yoga with your spouse, children, and pets. Taking the time to bond with those closest to you is one of the most thoughtful ways to use your yoga skills. 

The list doesn’t end here. There are endless ways yoga teachers use their skills beyond the studio. Wherever the yoga is taking place, it can truly work its magic anywhere. So what are you waiting for? Open your mind to the wonderful places yoga can take you and have a blast exploring and creating the countless options. Please comment if you have ideas we haven’t listed here. We’d love to learn from you! 

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