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5 Ways to Use Essential Oils

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Essential oils are good for your overall health, healing, promoting holistic healing, relaxation and creating household necessities.

There are several ways to experience the therapeutic benefits of essential oils – below are five creative ways to maximize those effects!

1. Aromatic


Essential oils are oils directly extracted from various plants and flowers, meaning each bottle contains concentrated potency for maximum health benefits. Inhaling different essential oil scents can help promote holistic healing, bring a sense of calm, relaxation, or they can stimulate energy and the ability to focus. Different scents are unique for bringing about different states of mind because they stimulate different parts of the brain. The aromatic use can create systemic effects throughout the body.

The oil’s scent can be used individually or to an entire room. If the scent is being used individually, a popular method it to use 1-3 drops one palm, rub the palms together, and then bring them to the face and inhale slowly and deeply.  To use the oil to influence a room, use an aromatic diffuser with 5-10 drops in the diffuser water tank, depending on the size, or with a candle diffuser 3-5 drops in the dish.


2. Topically & Massage


An aromatic massage with essential oils not only stimulates the mind, but it also will be localized to the skin area being massaged. This allows it to circulate throughout the body’s systems and target affected organs, muscles, and nerves. To receive the maximum benefits, you want to make sure to use the proper oil or oil blend for the massage’s purpose.  Many essential oils are great for reducing stress and promoting calm and relaxation, such as lavender and eucalyptus.


3. Yoga & Meditation


Yoga and meditation are often used to help align and heal the body’s chakras.  Doing yoga with the essential oils and specific asanas or poses to target any of the seven chakras will increase the benefits and effectiveness when using the two together. Meditation with different essential oils will also improve focus and help you reach a deeper level of meditation. One way to do this is by putting a couple of drops of oil on the palm and rubbing it on your mala bracelet to keep the scent close while meditating.


4. DIY & Personal Care


You can use essential oils to create and enhance many of your own personal care items. Add drops to your lip balm, soothing salve for aches and pains, moisturizer, lotion and bubble bath. You can also use essential oils to when making mild soap for kids, moisturizing lotion bath bars, and body wash.  You can even make your own cologne and hand cleaner!


5. Cleaning Products


Household cleaning products are another place you can use your essential oils to create your own natural cleaning products without harsh chemicals. Many essential oils naturally help to fight germs; it makes them perfect for non-toxic cleaning. You can make glass cleaner, wood polish, a general surface cleaner, and cleaning wipes.  You can even make a safe cleaner for your yoga mat!

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