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5 Ways To Open Your Throat Chakra

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Are you familiar with all of your chakras? According to common theories of Hinduism, your chakras are the seven different energy points all over your body that can significantly impact your health and well-being. Even world renowned spas like Canyon Ranch are catering to this type of body and mind connection.

Your Throat Chakra, or fifth chakra is located at the base of your throat. It is responsible for communication, nurturing ideas, creativity, and allowing you to express yourself. Just think of just how much you use your throat chakra every day! If your throat chakra is blocked, you could be experiencing fear of criticism and an inability to express your ideas. Physical ailments can include a sore throat, mouth ulcers and neck pain. If your Throat Chakra is in need of some help, read on for five ways to balance it.

1. Confront Conflict


Your throat chakra can become blocked when you aren’t expressing yourself enough in your relationships. When you internalize your emotions, resentment builds up inside you and when you least expect it, the energy will cause you to lash out at your loved ones The best way to confront conflict is to be direct, maintaining a neutral attitude. If you are psyching yourself out before a major conversation, stand in Mountain Pose for 30-60 seconds to help build courage and power internally.


2. Mediate & Practice Certain Poses


Mediating allows your mind to calm down and think clearly, leaving room for that expression you might be having a hard time with. In fact, meditating for just thirty minutes a day has been proven to have substantially positive effects. If you need help with the practice, try this guided meditation to help realign your throat chakra as well as the other six, since they all must balance to function properly. As for poses: try Lion’s Pose, Camel Pose, Shoulder Stand, Plow and Fish.


3. Get Enough Sleep


Part of the throat chakra is responsible for fluid dreaming. When you get enough sleep on a regular basis it can also help you to dream well. So make sure you are getting a full, well rested seven-to-eight hours of sleep at least. That way you’ll wake up reinvigorated and ready to take on whatever may come your way during your busy day.


4. Sing Your Heart Out!


This simple act of song can allow you to cleanse the throat area including the thyroid gland, which is responsible for body regulation, temperature and proper organ functioning. The vibration your singing voice creates also gets your Throat Chakra into balance by activating any pent-up energy. Get in your car, take the scenic route around town and turn the volume up, or jam out in the shower to your favorite melody, where the acoustics of your voice bounce off the water droplets and walls!


5. Wear Turquoise


Turquoise jewelry, such as a few of our favorites (and  pictured above) found here, happens to be the “Master Healer” stone. Other benefits include repairing spiritual energy, heightening wisdom and absorption of negative energies to protect the wearer. Wear turquoise as jewelry on your wrist, but holding it to the base of your throat is also effective.
Know that within your body all your chakras are related to work in tandem with each other. By finding out how to open up your chakras, especially the throat and others like the heart chakra, you are going to feel more in tune with how the mind-body connection truly works together in harmony.

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