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5 Ways to Get Rid of Bad Vibes This Halloween

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For many, Halloween is a time for fun, costumes, and sweets. However, in light of fake blood and the return of your favorite slasher films and shows, it’s safe to say that the spooky energy surrounding us this season can take its toll on our general emotional states and may even throw off our chakras.

But do not worry! You can still enjoy the tricks and treats of Halloween without absorbing those bad vibes left over once your sugar coma passes. Just check out the five solutions below!


1. Wear Calming Crystals

5 ways to get rid of bad vibes-chakra-amethyst

Certain crystal stones are meant to ward off negative energy. Think of one of the most gorgeous diamonds in the world, “The Hope Diamond.” But if you aren’t Donatella Versace (costume idea, anyone?), you might not have immediate access to this gem. What you can do is pick out you’re a calming crystal such as clear quartz, amethyst, agate, marble or malachite. Wear it around your neck, wrist, on your finger, or just rest it on your heart or third-eye chakra each time you feel those spooky vibes coming.


2. Open Your Third Eye

5 ways to get rid of bad vibes-third-eye-open

Your five senses are very in tune with the messages Halloween can bring. You might feel a tingling sensation when you see scary things during the season, such as a commercial for a scary movie. Your third eye allows you to speculate about things you cannot actually see with your regular sight.

So using your third eye to your advantage can help you stay safe during Halloween. If you are uncomfortable in a situation that you aren’t having fun in, for example, a scary haunted house that your friends dragged you to, then it’s okay to leave if you don’t feel right about the situation.


3. Realign Your Breath

5 ways to get rid of bad vibes-just-breathe

Sometimes, you just need to take a step back and realign your breath. Close your eyes and meditate to think of other things to clear out those tense thoughts. Picture places that make you happy. A beach with crystal-clear blue waters, a field of beautiful flowers, or holding your baby niece in your arms. You have all the power in the world to dispel negative energy with positive thoughts since thoughts manifest emotions.


4. Wear a Chakra Bracelet

5 ways to get rid of spooky energy with chakra bracelet

This is something you can wear all year long, but it’s especially helpful during Halloween. The chakra bracelet is made of lava beads with different colored stones to represent your individual chakras (like the one pictured that you can get free!).

The red agate stone is especially helpful because it’s the stone of protection. Wear it proudly during Halloween and rub it gently with your fingers to radiate good energy and get rid of bad vibes. You can also add essential oils to the lava beads, such as lavender that will keep your mood uplifted.


5. Focus on What Brings You Pleasure

5 ways to get rid of bad vibes-joy

Remember, there are so many other wonderful things surrounding fall that don’t have anything to do with spooky energy and bad vibes!  Focus on the things that bring you joy and pleasure about the season, such as pumpkin-spiced everything, pumpkin patches, the crisp, cool sweater-weather, caramel apples and warm, savory meals. At home, light some cinnamon-flavored candles, pull out your favorite cozy fleece blanket and let the season wash over you like a cool wave.


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