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5 Ways to Balance Your Root Chakra

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Having anxiety about your career or relationships lately? You could have an imbalanced root chakra.

But what exactly does that mean?

Chakras are the energy sources that radiate from the center of the body in which we function with the world and within ourselves. There are seven distinct chakras in the body, with the base being the root chakra.

5-ways-balance-root-chakra | root chakra location

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine by the pelvic floor. It is the foundation for our most basic instincts such as fight-or-flight and our overall sense of feeling grounded, hence the name root. On a spiritual level, it secures the individual and establishes mind-body awareness. It is for these reasons that it is important for the root chakra to be balanced if not it can interfere with the flow of communication to align unity and balance among the other chakras.

When balanced, the root chakra will reestablish healthy energy throughout the body that can enhance an individual’s physically self and stability. This includes basic needs such as emotional, food, water, safety, and shelter.

When the root chakra is out of balance, you’ll experience anxiety about issues relating to personal or materialistic desires and wants like work, money, and relationships. Knowing how to balance the chakra can help reconnect the lines of energy to flow.

The following five ways are tools to help balance your root chakra for a healthier, more fulfilled you.


1. Eat Vibrant, Red Foods

5-Ways-to-Balance-Your-Root-Chakra | red foods

Eating foods that are red such as apples, cabbage, strawberries, and rooted foods like beets, carrots and ginger can help stimulate energy within the chakra. Other foods good to eat include protein items beans, nuts, eggs, and meats.


2. Wear Red Clothing or Jewelry with Red Gems

5-Ways-to-Balance-Your-Root-Chakra | wear red

Wearing red clothes and jewelry can help make you feel grounded, confident and strong and secure. Specifically, jewelry with red crystals and gemstones such as red agate or ruby can promote a healthy aura.


3. Diffuse Essential Oils

5 ways to balance your root chakra | oils

Oils such as frankincense and cinnamon are absorbed through the central nervous system when used with an aromatic diffuser. This promotes the feeling of being grounded and even serves as an antidepressant. Additionally, diffusers are great way to naturally deodorize and fill rooms with your favorite scents.


4. Get a Lower Body Massage

5 ways to balance your root chakra | lower back massage

You can help circulate blood and oxygen to your root chakra with a lower body massage. Be sure to target the feet, legs, and gluteal muscles. For even more benefits, use with a root chakra-balancing essential oil.


5. Use Imagery and Mediation

5-Ways-to-Balance-Your-Root-Chakra | red foods | meditate red

Imagine a red lotus flower at the root of your spine to energize and balance. Consider red candles that give off a cinnamon scent, close your eyes and meditate, sending breath to your root chakra. The purpose of this is to bring awareness by connecting you to a higher spiritual plane in terms of grounding you to feel secure.

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