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5 Tips to Help You Make Nutrition and Fitness Top Priorities

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5 Tips to Help You Make Nutrition and Fitness Top Priorities

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Even though a lot of people intend to focus on clean eating and regular workouts, many lose interest over time. Keeping up with a healthy lifestyle can be incredibly demanding, which is why you need to find the proper motivation to fuel you through your journey. Nevertheless, that’s easier said than done.

Temptations surround us with every step, and they come in the form of alluring junk foods and lazy days binge-watching shows on Netflix. But while a cheat day is beneficial every now and then, it’s way too easy to fall into the trap of a sedentary existence. For this reason, you’ll need to get your priorities in order first and foremost.

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Prioritizing What Matters

A crucial aspect of living a successful and peaceful life is keeping up with your health and general well-being. Focusing on what matters most is important. In order to do that, you need to have an effective approach. To get you started, here are five of the best nutrition tips and fitness ideas to help you make nutrition and fitness greater priorities in your life.

  1. Adopt a Healthy Diet

One of the essentials of prioritizing your health and fitness over everything else is adopting an adequate diet. According to several studies cited by The New York Times in a 2015 article, exercising, while certainly important, isn’t nearly as effective as sticking to a meal plan. Therefore, minding what you eat should be your number one concern.

An intense workout should never be seen as an excuse to have a cheat day. By restricting your calorie intake and resetting your metabolism, you will burn fat a lot faster. You will need to sacrifice your junk food addiction if you have one to achieve such results. Whole fruits, veggies, and lean cuts of protein in small portions are the best nutrition tips I can offer.

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2. Set Realistic Goals

When you’re trying your best to stick to a healthier lifestyle, having unrealistic expectations and overestimating your abilities will wind up being demotivating. This leads to feelings of disappointment and loss of motivation, making giving up more likely. 

Set realistic goals for yourself. Closely assess what you’re capable of achieving today and factor in the potential of pushing your limits a little. It’s important to aim for objectives that are within your scope because those are the goals that end up being accomplished. Eventually, you can adjust these goals to suit your improved skill level. In the beginning, it’s best to start small.

Of course, real progress only happens when you exceed your expectations. For this reason, it’s highly recommended to sometimes step out of your comfort zone and push yourself a bit more. But don’t overdo it. It’s important to know yourself and avoid any disheartening situations.  

3. Follow a Schedule

In order to channel your determination into something definite, you need a tailored workout schedule. This is something that you can either set for yourself if you’ve got the appropriate amount of knowledge on the subject, or you can ask a personal trainer for assistance. Most gyms offer a free initial session with one upon signing up, so it’s a good way to seize the opportunity.

Over the span of each week, your activities should differ. Although it’s good to maintain consistency, your main goal should be exercising all your muscle groups so that you not only lose some weight but shape, define and tone your body in the process. The recommended amount is of at least three days per week.

Nevertheless, if true fitness is what you’re after, the best fitness tip I can offer is aiming for a Monday to Friday exercise routine. Use the weekends for relaxation and recovery, as well as leisurely activities. The latter is especially important, as you can damage your musculoskeletal system in the long run if you push your limits too much.

4. Reward Yourself

Another efficient way of conditioning yourself to put fitness first is using a rewards system. The concept behind this is incredibly simple. Any time you reach an important milestone in your journey, such as losing a certain amount of weight or training a body part, you repay yourself with a pampering session at the spa, shopping or whatever else you might enjoy.

The only thing you need to avoid is using unhealthy foods as prizes. Although it might be tempting to indulge in a fatty cheeseburger with all the toppings and a hefty serving of French fries after you’ve done so well with your exercise and diet, it’s crucial to steer clear of such behavior. It’s counterproductive and it also harms your progress.

Furthermore, it’s important to also remember that the effort you perceive might, in fact, be higher than that which you exert. Even though you will feel exhausted after particularly intensive sessions, you most likely didn’t burn off as many calories as you think. Thus, it’s essential not to lose sight of your diet during these trying times.

5. Make It Fun

Last, but certainly not least, one of the best fitness tips is to not forget that you also need to enjoy what you’re doing. If you don’t like to swim, don’t go swimming. If you dislike indoor cycling, don’t join a spin class. Occupying those time frames you dedicate to working out with something pleasant will make the whole thing feel more like a hobby than an obligation.

In addition, you can always make everything ten times more enjoyable by asking your best friend or significant other to join you on this journey. Unless they happen to be fitness gods in the making, they could most likely use a nudge in the right direction too. Being each other’s motivation will deliver amazing results.

Even if you’ve never been a big fitness enthusiast, you can find at least one thing that you’ll be fond of. For some people it’s yoga, for others, it’s dancing around the house. If you’re unsure of what fits you best, start off small and stick to a basic aerobics routine at first. You’ll figure things out soon enough.

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Final Thoughts

Deciding to live a healthier life is simple enough. The true test is when you have to muster up the necessary motivation to keep up with your newly established goals. Any of these five tips are a great way to start your endeavor of making fitness and nutrition priorities in your life. Although it will undoubtedly be difficult at first, keep your mind set on success and you’ll achieve it.


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