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5 Simple Yoga Poses that Will Make Your Child More Successful

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You probably have heard the refusal to put on a hat, or get out of the car or to calm simply down from your child. At a certain age, every child encounters stress and resentment. They have trouble relaxing, concentrating and find it difficult to focus on one subject. The psyche is closely related to the physiology, and that is why every kid can benefit from yoga.

There are 5 key yoga poses for kids that will help your child relax and achieve inner and outer peace in a stressful situation.

Bee’s Breath

Bee breath pose for kids

First of all, ask your child to take a deep breath. This always helps to relieve tension in a stressful situation. Deeper breathing will provide a better flow of oxygen to the brain thereby improving the overall condition of the child.

Bee’s Breath is a great exercise that will be helpful in this case.

Let the child sit on the knees, take a breath, and let it take them long through the spine with the hands behind the back and then exhale, lowering the forehead and acting like a buzzing bee.

Downward Dog

Did doing downward-facing Dog Pose

If your child is stressed, angry or frustrated, the cat position will be an indispensable exercise for him/her.

Explain to your child that he will feel much better thanks to this position.

Start out on all fours. Spread your fingers and press your palms flat on the floor. Lift your buttocks, straighten your legs, and make an upside-down V shape. Send your heels gently to the ground. Relax your head and neck and look down between your legs. Thus, the Downward-facing Dog Pose.

Butterfly Pose

Butterfly pose

It is crucial for your child to be able to collect together all that has been bothering them and let it go. This will relieve the feeling of complete powerlessness.

Using visualization and discussion, you will be able to collect all their negative thoughts and emotions and let them go into the sky together with your child.

Start by having them sit straight up, legs in front of them. Have them bend their knees and inhale while moving their feet together. Tell them to imagine a cloud is right in front of them. Exhale and straighten the legs, while raising your arms over your head.

Tree Pose



These exercises will assist your child in coping with problems and negative emotions they encounter in life.

Ask your child to move the center of gravity and balance with one leg off the ground. This exercise helps to shift focus from the mind to the whole body, which in turn has a stabilizing effect.

Immobility and concentration will set the thoughts in order and help find peace and harmony.

The position is performed as follows: straighten your spine while standing on two legs. Now put one foot on the ankle and try to maintain balance. You can clasp your hands together on your chest or extend them to sides as tree branches.

Child’s Pose

Child's pose

This position will ensure the child inner peace when under stress. In a yoga class, it is usually used to “recharge the batteries”.

You need to curl up, knees bent, arms stretched alongside the body or forward. Breathe deeply and calmly. This exercise benefits the central nervous system.

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