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5 Health & Wellness Trends We are Obsessing About This Year

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This article originally appeared on Spa Week.

When it comes to our health, we will try anything once to improve and enhance our lives. From apple cider shots in the morning to sitting on SweetCheek’s Massage Mat to increase circulation, we’ve tried it all. As we get deeper into 2017  and the new wellness trends roll in, we’ve rounded up our top five picks that will make 2017  your best year yet.

Wellness Retreats


People are trading their margaritas for green juices while abroad. Vacations are no longer viewed as a time to ditch manicured wellness habits but rather as a time to solidify them. We are seeing a surge of retreats curated by fitness gurus and celebrity chefs that include multiple workout classes, clean eating and meditation sessions. These escapes allow people to unplug and reclaim their journey.

Home Cleanses


No, we aren’t talking about cleaning behind your couch and rearranging your furniture to harness the room’s chi. We are talking about tackling the natural energy of the home (clutter or not) through smudging. Smudging is typically done with sage and removes negative energy from your space (usually done before moving into a new place). For those who can’t stand the smell of sage, there’s Earth+ Element’s Holy Dust, which has a more citrus scent.

Eat This, Not That


Every other week it seems there is a new “it” ingredient that will change your smoothie or acai bowl into a powerhouse meal. 2017’s breakout food trends are black garlic, mushrooms, and avocado oil. Black garlic has twice the antioxidants of regular garlic and mushrooms are known for their anti-inflammatory properties (a 2016 wellness trend that is carrying over).

While we can’t remember a time when avocados weren’t adored, they are about to skyrocket to coconut oil status. Their light in flavor but abundant in benefits. From being packed with vitamins to being rich in magnesium, avocado oil can do it all (even reduce arthritis pains)!

Sober Up


Millennials have coined a lot of weird trends but deserve some praise for embracing juice crawls instead of the infamous bar crawl. Wellness is on the forefront of their minds and they aren’t going to let a night out interfere with that. Sober meet ups are happening across the nation, even going as far as people celebrating Drynuary (no alcohol for all of January). Less booze equals less sugar, which equals improved overall health.

Spa Therapy


Women have realized the importance of checking their cosmetic labels for safe ingredients, and they are now realizing how the same due diligence can pay off at the spa. Spa treatments that are not only relaxing but have proven positive mental health effects will be at the forefront of 2017. Think Flotation Therapy for reduced anxiety and Cupping Facials for improved circulation and better sleep quality.

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