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5 Facts About Yoga that will Instantly Make You Feel Good

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Yoga has become extremely popular, especially over the last decade.

Why? A number of reasons, for starters.

Here are 5 facts about yoga that will instantly make you feel great about doing it.

Whether you practice every day, here and there or are just getting into it, you know you’re doing something amazing for your mind, body and spirit!@

5 facts about yoga

1. Different kinds of yoga have different impacts on your body

There are many different kinds of yoga varying from spiritually focused to physically demanding ones. If you dislike a particular style, do a little bit of research and find out more about the different poses. There’s a good chance you’d enjoy a particular style and venue. Yoga has become so popular that it has become omnipresent. The best part about yoga is that there are SO many ways to practice!


2. Yoga helps to calm the mind and body

When it comes to yoga, or any type of practice, you may think it requires a long period of time to see results or benefits. But that’s not the case. Studies have shown that the brain’s gamma-aminobutyric (GABA) levels shot up just after an hour of doing yoga. Higher GABA levels are linked with lower levels of depression and anxiety. A few good yoga poses that can put your whole body to exercise are good for making you happy.


3. Did you know breathing makes you happy?

Most yoga poses contain some elements focusing on breathing in and breathing out, or on simply being in a relaxed. Research shows that the ability to lower your stress and regulating the breath is very beneficial in lowering the stress and calming oneself — both of which are necessary in order to feel happier. Although you can do the breathing exercise with the yoga, but the duo would certainly be a happiness booster.


4. You’ll have better posture

How many times have people told you not to slouch or to sit up straight? Poor posture has a negative impact on the body along with looking bad. Bad posture causes backaches, neck pain, joint problems and muscle fatigue. Yoga can help in improving your posture without putting you into unnatural poses. Proper posture means your entire body comprising of your neck, shoulders, back and lower body requires to be aligned properly. A better posture also means to get good compliments for your personality and the way you carry yourself.


5. Long-term yoga practice does wonders for you

Researchers have said that regular yoga practice can reduce fatigue, anxiety, and anger. Those who consistently do yoga lead a happier and healthy life. Real biochemical changes created through yoga can help in enhancing your physical and mental health.


Yoga is being practiced in a lot of forms and formats and has been proved out to be an effective method to lead a sustainable and happy life. So, what are you waiting for? Go get your yoga mat and start doing an exercise now!

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