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5 Best Books to Learn Yoga for Women

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5 Best Books to Learn Yoga for Women

It’s a no-brainer that yoga is good for a lot of things, like sculpting and toning, relieving stress and anxiety, increasing circulation and more!

There’s one drawback that many yogis or aspiring yogis can relate too – stepping foot into yoga class is truly half the battle. Not everyone is comfortable putting themselves out there by going to a class, and even if they do, the experience can be a little intimidating—though it shouldn’t be! There are many free videos offered online, but they tend to move too quickly and don’t cover all the basics properly. There is another way to learn more about the practice, however: simply by reading! We’ve searched for the best books on yoga and have compiled the five best books to learn yoga for women below.


1. The Woman’s Yoga Book

5 best books to learn yoga for women | The Woman's Yoga Book

Where better to start than with this book, aptly titled The Woman’s Yoga Book. What makes this so special? It covers poses and postures that are designed specifically to complement different points of the menstrual cycle. There are illustrations as well, so if you’re a more visual learner you will find a handy step-by-step guide on how to get into each pose.


This is the ultimate, first stop of all books you should buy when starting your yoga journey. You can think of it as your new encyclopedia – it’s so good you may find yourself giving it away and buying another copy (let’s face it, no one ever returns books, right?).


2. Yoga: A Gem For Women

5 best books to learn yoga for women | yoga a gem for women

It truly is a gem and it just happens to be written by the daughter of the yogi who founded Iyengar Yoga. Geeta Iyengar has written a book that is a complete reference for the entire yoga process, it covers meditation, postures, and the breathing techniques.


Anyone who is just starting out with yoga knows that one of the most challenging aspects if getting the breathing technique right along with the postures. Yoga is essentially a three-in-one exercise, so understanding how each of the components works is an integral part of the process, but don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it right the first time. There’s a lot to learn and it’s a process.


3. The Language of Yoga

5 best books to learn yoga for women | the language of yoga

The Language of Yoga is a book from Nicolai Bachman is a comprehensive walkthrough of the terms used in yoga, better yet, it comes with a CD to teach you the correct pronunciations. There is nothing worse than attending a yoga class or even watching a how-to video only to get lost in all the pose names and wonder what on earth they all mean. Now you can, and better yet, you’ll even get a better idea of the origins of each term which may just shine a light on the deeper meaning behind yoga.


4. Yoga For Women

5 best books to learn yoga for women | yoga for women

If you’re looking for a book that will take you from the earliest and easiest stages of practicing yoga right through to the more advanced techniques, then Yoga For Women is the right one for you. An advanced yogi offers advice, insights, and covers the many ways that yoga is beneficial to your overall health and well-being. It’s an all around-win.

This is an excellent book to help you get started and it can be an excellent companion to you as you improve and practice more advanced postures.


5. The Woman’s Book of Yoga & Health

5 best books to learn yoga for women | womens book of yoga and health

This book is so detailed it needed two writers to get it done. Not only will you find a detailed guide on poses that are specific to a variety of health issues, but there are also sequences for general health and well-being. The early chapters cover guidance on how to achieve each posture – you’ll learn how to get into the pose and its health benefits. The next stage of the book tackles the different stages of a woman’s life, from the teen years up. It’s detailed to ensure your journey gets off to the right start.


Yoga is a wonderful journey and the beauty of it is that anyone can do it, even if you aren’t in good shape or you have chronic illnesses. There are varying stages that you can achieve if and when you are comfortable with the more beginner poses. At the core of the practice is stretching to improve your range of motion, breathing techniques to manage stress, and meditation which can assist your mental health. The benefits are wide-ranging and it doesn’t take long to feel the difference in your body once you get started.


Whether you are looking for yoga books, gear, or even a retreat you can get major discounts with vouchers from Once you’re comfortable as a beginning you can branch out and at this point, you may feel ready to tackle a class led by an instructor. In fact, you may find yourself so into it that you’re booking retreats in no time. There’s nothing quite like getting away from it all for a weekend of relaxing bliss.

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