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These 4 Different Plants will Enhance Your Mood

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Did you know that different plants have almost instantaneous effects on your mood?

While fake plants are pretty to look at, require no maintenance and last forever, there’s nothing like an oxygen-producing plant to bring life, and fresh air, to an indoor room. And as an added benefit, housing fresh blooms may help increase your mood!

According to a study published in the “Journal of Environmental Psychology,” folks reported higher levels of mood and perceived comfort when plants were present than when they were not. This goes for the workplace too (plus, desk plants are like s’cute!).

So even if you have a track record of plant slaying (totally guilty of this), there are several types of foliage that are sure to thrive regardless of your black thumb.

Whether you’re feeling down in the dumps or you’re just looking to create a cleaner, brighter and healthier space, pack your house with these air-purifying and mood-elevating plants!


1. Succulents

4 different plants elevate your mood | succulants

Succulents are not just for hipster cafes and table décor at juice bars! Start your own collection of these adorable potted plants. Succulents are super affordable and can be found practically anywhere (succulents, so hot right now). A member of the sedum family, succulents have a thick, rubber appearance and come in various colors, shapes and sizes from tall and stiff to short and shrub-like.

Succulents with greener leaves typically do better indoors. Since they store extra water in their leaves, you don’t have to worry about watering them regularly—this is especially good news for those who are away from the house for extended periods of time.

Just be sure to soak them weekly, or whenever the soil loses moisture.




2. Snake plant

4 different plants elevate your mood | snake plant

Perhaps the most low maintenance plant on this list, the snake plant can grow in virtually any household regardless of the lighting conditions. This plant, like the peace lily, has been shown to filter harsh toxins from the air including formaldehyde, toluene and benzene. I don’t know about you… but that already makes me happier.

To reap the ultimate benefits of this houseplant, place it by your bedside. Unlike many perennials, the snake plant releases oxygen at night purifying the air around you, which leads to—you guessed it—better sleep! If gazing at greenery all day doesn’t make you grin, a sweet night of sleep sure will.

Its long, tall leaves are striped with different shades of green and can grow to be two to three feet in a couple years. The best part? They basically take care of themselves. All you need to do is to remember to water them around once per month (just add it to the alarm queue on your smartphone).




3. Aloe Vera

4 different plants elevate your mood | aloe vera

Growing up, there was always an aloe plant in my house. I would crack open its leaves and use the gel to relieve itchiness from insect bites. Little did I know that it served another purpose—to bring good luck and positive energy.

Many ancient cultures actually hung aloe branches over entranceways of their homes to keep out evil spirits and attract good fortune. Follow suit and boost your mood by doing the same. To modernize the process, give your plant a little pizazz by writing or painting your daily affirmations or favorite mantras on the pot.

To water, soak them regularly but let them dry out completely between waterings to prevent root rot (ensure it has proper drainage). Aloe plants can flourish in both direct sunlight and artificial light. They also make great gifts if you’re unsure of the recipient’s home lighting situation.




4. Orchid

On the daintier side, this bloom is elegant, stylish and comes in a variety of colors to complement your space.

Touted by feng shui practitioners, orchids help to sharpen focus, relieve stress and increase positive vibes in the home. Further feng shui teachings reveal that we can place an orchid in the bedroom to attract an honorable and honest romantic partner. Basically, having an orchid literally means that love is in the air.

Since it’s a tropical plant, orchids require a little more attention. A good rule of thumb is to water orchids once per week during the winter and twice per week during the dry, warmer months. Your bathroom is actually an ideal spot to set this flower since the humidity from the shower offers ideal growing conditions.

Even after its petals fall, the stem remains alive. So if the dormant stage lasts a while, continue caring for it like any other plant until it blooms again.



It’s safe to say that houseplants can breathe colorful, happy life into any room of your home. Scout out suitable areas for each plant (windowsills, nightstand, bathroom vanity, kitchen) so you can find reasons to smile everywhere you turn!

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