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30 Min Restorative Yoga for Breathing and Flexibility (VIDEO!)

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Get More Flexible with this Gentle, Restorative Flow

Become more flexible and increase mobility with this 30 minute gentle restorative yoga, with stretches for hips, pyriformis, spine and wrists. 300-hr CYT and editor of Yoga Lifestyles, Mel, will lead you through this slower-paced class, helping you bring awareness to your breath and come out of your shell by teaching you to take up space rather than shrink within yourself.

Additional Benefits of this Full Body Yoga Stretch Class

– Stretch wrists, shoulders, pyriformis and hips, hip flexors
– Learn to face discomfort with patience
– Create space with your body and breath

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1. Elephant yoga mat by ZURA (eco-friendly, vegan microfiber suede, sweat-activated grip) 
2. 6-foot extra long yoga strap by ZURA (100% cotton, textured) 

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