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3 YouTube Channels That Will Inspire Your Child to Do Yoga

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In today’s world, kids are easily exposed to stress.

Whether from pressure caused by peers or facing overwhelm when a new challenge arises, these emotional and social triggers can cause noticeable behavioral cues once stress levels become high.

Here’s where yoga can come to the rescue

Jennifer Glass | mom and baby yoga

Jennifer Glass of and with her newborn.

It’s no secret that yoga can offer incredible benefits to us adults however, for a child, the benefits are 10x better.

Besides the obvious advantages like helping improve balance and strength, yoga can help a child build their inner strength by calming their mental spirit thus increasing self-awareness.

The developmental phase of a child is crucial and can impact them for the rest of their lives. Take a child’s confidence and focus, for instance. Both improve with yoga.

Much like an adult, they also begin the journey of self-discovery.

This new journey creates an inquisitive mind as they practice concentrating on new poses, breathing more effectively and learning new ways to react to new situations.

Your child may also simultaneously learn how to work on their patience. Here is where you’ll also become involved in developing your own patience.

Besides the obvious advantages like helping improve balance and strength, yoga can help a child build their inner strength by calming their mental spirit thus increasing self-awareness.

Introducing yoga to a small child can become a challenge all on its own. One that must be faced with new approaches each time your child shows little to no interest in the practice.

Remember that with younger children, the typical way of teaching yoga may not work.

My experience with yoga and my own little ones

My daughter, Dani, and I practicing some mommy-daughter yoga 🙂

Perhaps my children were just too young when I first tried having them do yoga with me. They were more interested in rolling around my yoga wheel or chomping on my yoga blocks rather than standing still in a pose.

It wasn’t until about eight months later that my daughter wanted to sit still with me and practice on her own. Meanwhile, my son, who is two years younger, was still watching while using my yoga blocks alongside his building blocks. As a parent, we can’t force them to become involved. We can, however, inspire them to drive their interest!

Today’s toddlers have numerous distractions and most rather be plugged into a device instead of enjoying some yoga with you.

Here’s where the inspiration approach begins.

If they’re going to be plugged into a device, why not try YouTube yoga videos?! Just grab your favorite plush mat, and don’t forget one for your little one, too (here’s one we found a great deal on Amazon)!

Below are some YouTube channels I recommend to help introduce yoga to your child. They worked for me!

For Fun:

Cosmic Kids Yoga has been making fun and interactive yoga videos since 2012. Your toddler will adore the playful videos. There’s always a fun, new theme and with this, I extend a word of caution, you may become more addicted to this channel than your child!

For Alleviating Stress:

Yoga Calm was developed from more than 30 years of experience in education, counseling, yoga and mindfulness practice. Their videos help children and teens develop emotional resilience, focus, and self-control. This channel is especially effective for children with special needs and/or behavioral/mental health issues.


For Pre-Schoolers:

If your child favors cartoon animated videos, then the Appu Series offers 3 volumes of videos that introduce your child to several different postures. This channel goes beyond yoga content and enhances the early learning stages!


And, for the grownups…

Don’t forget to subscribe to the Yoga Lifestyles channel on YouTube, for plenty of yoga flows, workouts, recipes, humorous videos and more!

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  • Anissa says:

    This is great! I’ve been preparing to get myself back into yoga and wanted some way to incorporate my kiddos. thank you for sharing your resources!

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