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3 Essential Life Lessons from Yogi Entrepreneur Jennifer Glass

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jennifer Flass Upward Facing DogWhen we found Jennifer Glass on Instagram, we knew right away she was something special. Upwards of 20,000 followers on her page, she’s also the CEO of KORE MOVEMENT™, a lifestyle brand that creates yoga programs for studios, companies big and small, schools and beyond. Programs are for all ages and every kind of specialty, from yoga for athletes to injuries and all your typical Vinyasa flows. She splits her time between Southern California and Kansas City, applying her 1,000-plus teaching hours by teaching yoga to kids, professional athletes and offering private yoga lessons.

As the powers of the universe would have it, we managed to link up with her the few days she happened to be in Delray Beach, FL, just a few hours’ drive from the Yoga Lifestyles HQ in Orlando. We brainstormed a production schedule, packed up the crew and made our way down to South Florida.

In addition to walking us through several breathtaking yoga flows, she shared tips on how to cultivate your personal yoga brand from the ground up into a thriving business and how yoga changed her perspective from skeptic to entrepreneur determined to bring – what is now KORE MOVEMENT’s mission statement – “Wellness to the World™.”

The complete segments are brilliant, and will not only shift your entire mindset on yoga if you’re new to the practice, but also offer expert advice on how to market yourself and enhance your personal brand. Be sure to check out our YouTube channel to see each series in its entirety – but just to give you an idea of the nuggets of knowledge we captured on film, here are three takeaways that could easily serve as powerful life lessons:


1. Marketing Yourself Is Everything

In her “former life” prior to KORE MOVEMENT, Jen has built up quite an impressive resume. Equipped with a Bachelor’s in Journalism and a Master’s in Marketing, she jumped right into the world of global advertising. As an executive, she’s led numerous successful campaigns for brands such as DreamWorks, Colgate and Wendy’s.

It didn’t take long before she became a maven for marketing to kids and millennial families. And based on her massive following on social media, it’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about branding. In the business segment we filmed, she offered invaluable insight for yoga teachers looking to open their own practice, such as why social media plays a crucial role in reaching potential clients, how to navigate each platform and the key to finding your authentic self for creating the foundation of your brand.

Jennifer Glass One Legged Dog

2. No Matter Who You Are, Yoga Is for Everyone

We believe everyone has their own unique yoga lifestyle and are on a mission to unite yogis from across the globe solely on that concept. But Jen really hit the idea home when she described her personal experience of how she discovered yoga. Having recently undergone intensive therapy for muscle and tendon damage brought on by being crunched over working behind a computer screen in her corporate advertising job, she was willing to try anything to prevent future injuries. Classically trained in ballet, martial arts and jazz, she admitted to being resistant to try yoga when her progressive-minded doctor, whom now oversees KORE MOVEMENT, suggested she try it.

Not only was yoga restorative and helped prevent further physical ailments, she praises the practice for helping her focus and experience relief through breathing, a concept we take for granted. “Everyone says it’s so transformative. And… [for me] it was transformative times a thousand.”

Jennifer Glass Bird of Paradise

3. Happiness Is a Choice

Within the first thirty seconds of talking to Jennifer, it was obvious how much joy and warmth she exuded. Not just from her words, which radiated brighter than the South Florida sunshine, but in each yoga sequence we filmed throughout the entirety of our 12-hour film day.

By the time we wrapped filming, we were all exhausted. Except for Jen, who retained the same charismatic energy she greeted us with. There was the revelation: while Jen couldn’t control the sweltering 90+ degree weather or the grueling hours video production demands, what she could control was her attitude towards each situation. She handled everything with poise, positivity and a genuine smile, noting that yoga helps you “choose happiness.” We couldn’t agree more, Jen!


Watch Jennifer go more in-depth into the above subject and more by heading over to our YouTube channel and don’t forget to follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

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