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22 Instagram Yogis You Need Start Following

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Instagram yogis are chock-full of inspiration and creativity. From instructors that provide guidance to beginners that are just getting started, there is a vast community of friendly and welcoming yogis that are ready to share their knowledge, insights and love. Here are 22 of the best Instagram yogis that will make you want to roll out your yoga mat:

1. @tarastiles is the founder of, a guide to help connect people with the way they move and feel. 


2. @ashleygalvinyoga is a yoga instructor out of L.A. whom never falls short on providing Instagram yogis with amazing beach photos.


3. @rebekahletch has some of the cutest dogs and takes very creative pictures throughout NYC. 


4. @gypsetgoddess, otherwise known as Caitlin Turner, uses her photos to show that there is endless possibilities in life. 


5. @bohemian_heart is a wife, mother, yoga enthusiast and teacher that embraces bohemian and yoga lifestyles.


6. @bryceyoga is actually two people, lovers Briohny and Dice lida-Klein. They’re students and teachers that are teaching over 200 hours of yoga in 2016. 


7. @actionjacquelyn used to be a Laker Girl & Clipper Girl.  She enjoys a variety of action activities like yoga and surfing. 


You can't stand in the same river twice. #yoga

A photo posted by Dylan Werner (@dylanwerneryoga) on

8. @dylanwerneryoga is insanely strong and uses nature to make his yoga pictures exquisite. 


I keep staring in awe every time I look at this photo.??? Double Lotus Hand to Hand with @JasonNemer…never thought of it or tried it before but when you're with one of the best bases in the @AcroYoga community you just say…OK…and try to remember to breathe????? —– This was after a fun impromptu #AcroYoga class @amyiacro and I taught. So much fun co-creating with friends and connecting with the local Jamaican community. We hand ages 9-70 in the class and my Mom even based me. I'm SO grateful my cheeks hurt as I type these words. ☺️☺️☺️ —– We released 50 tickets at a special price of $495 for the @AcroYoga Fest Jamaica April 18-24th, (and they are selling fast!) If you were on the fence about coming then here's your chance! Hope to see u soon!??✌?️✨ —– New Jamacia perfect outfit from the @aloyoga Summer Line that just lunched. #GetLovedUp ?

A photo posted by ?Koya Webb? (@koyawebb) on

9. @koyawebb coaches holistic health internationally and is certified yoga instructor. 


10. @talia_sutra is from Israel and uses meditation, ballet, yoga and art to create love and gratitude. 


11. @nikkisharp is the wellness expert and health coach we all want to have. Not only does her food look amazing, but her yoga skills are extremely impressive. 


I am walking through the wilderness of my own heart, and while doing so I have been able to make some breakthroughs. The most major one had to do with letting my logical mind sit by as my body and intuition told the story. ✨?✨ How many times are we told to "be reasonable" or "that is crazy"? Or even mind-talk ourselves out of the Truth? ✨If you are able to ever turn the reasoning aspect of your mind off for long enough to listen to your spirit and body, you may be surprised at what you uncover. ✨ After doing this, everything began to make sense and I was able to develop a deeper level of compassion for myself and my very human idiosyncrasies. I was able to view my life, actions, and mistakes from the vantage point of unconditional love. I was able to utter Truths that I had been burying. I was able to free my heart. ☁️?? Maybe one day I will speak these Truths publicly, until then Thank You ? Thank You ? Thank You ? to the universe and to my dearest humans and healers who have illuminated the path. Om Shanti??? #speakyourtruth #weareallconnected #beingoflight

A photo posted by Alissa Kepas (@alissayoga) on

12. @alissayoga has the most inspirational and moving captions on her equally motivational pictures. 


13. @kinoyoga is an author, teacher, producer, vlogger and world traveler. She’s the co-founder of and loves to show people the limitless potential of the human spirit. 


Float on. #balasana #ocean #pennythegoat #float #supyoga #yogaeverydamnday

A photo posted by Rachel Brathen (@yoga_girl) on

14. @yoga_girl is probably the most famous Instagram yogi. Her hashtag, #yogaeverydamnday, has become one of the top used yoga hashtags on the ‘gram. 


15. @sjanaelise never fails to create wanderlust and motivation. 


16. @samsamdhi embraces an organic and spontaneous lifestyle throughout Arizona. 


17. Charles Ruscher takes beautiful photos of yogis, including the young man listed previously. 


18. @laurasykora co-founded Two Fit Moms, a website dedicated to spreading love and fitness. 


Baby elephants!!! #flashbackfriday #kenya #wherewillyogatakeyou

A photo posted by Liz Arch (@lizarch) on

19. @lizarch empowers women who have experienced domestic violence and trauma. She is an Under Armour athlete and founder of Primal Yoga. 


20. @yogabeyond holds teacher trainings and travels the world to inspire fellow Instagram yogis. 


21. @caleyalyssa: 9 times out of 10 this babe’s yoga pictures are taken at some of the most beautiful and historic locations in the world.


22. @yoga_lifestyles is our favorite yoga account 🙂 – give us a follow for features of other Instagram yogis, yoga challenges and inspirational and funny quotes. 

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