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2017 Yoga Festivals You Don’t Want to Miss

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Pack your mats, yogis! There are many yoga festivals dedicated to celebrating and expanding yogic practices and knowledge all over the world. Here are five of the most highly attended, compendious, and anticipated festivals that will be held in the United States and abroad in 2017.

1. The San Diego Yoga Festival

2017 yoga festivals you don't want to miss |San Diego Yoga Festival


Enjoy non-stop yoga and meditation classes, meetings, sessions, and other events for four amazing days starting January 27—there’s still time to make travel arrangements! You’ll have the chance to confer with professionals, practitioners; access important spiritual literature, and expand your own yoga practice.

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2. The Northwest Yoga Conference

2017 yoga festivals you don't want to miss |The Northwest Yoga Conference

From Feb. 8-12, everyone is invited to this internationally celebrated yoga conference. Many inspiring teachers and professionals at all levels will be present to offer their valuable knowledge. Whatever your level of expertise, or however long you have been practicing, you’re sure to learn something new and wonderful at this annual meeting in Seattle, Washington.

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3. The International Yoga Festival

2017 yoga festivals you don't want to miss |San Diego Yoga Festival | International Yoga Festival Parmarth Niketan

One of the world’s most beloved yoga festivals, the IYF is held each year in Parmarth Niketan, known as the City of the Divine. Many major influential spiritual teachers, masters, and yogis will be in attendance to hold lectures, teaching sessions, and to offer their wisdom. One of the longest festivals, the IYF runs for one solid week starting on March the first. You will certainly not regret attending in this splendid and one of a kind location.

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4. The Sedona Yoga Festival

2017 yoga festivals you don't want to miss |Sedona Yoga Festival

Open your heart and mind spirituality, among the picturesque panorama in the heart of Arizona will clear your lungs and clear your mind as you master new techniques, listen to the words and learn the methodologies of celebrated masters in this annual yoga extravaganza in the high American Desert. Sign up for four days of learning from the 9th through the 12th of March for a one of a kind yogic learning experience.

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5. The Breathe Yoga Festival

2017 yoga festivals you dont want to miss | breathe yoga festival

Come to Fort Collins Colorado from the 23rd through the 25th of June for one of the nation’s most celebrated yoga conferences and festivals. You’ll learn from many expert practitioners and teachers, experience compendious shopping and vending opportunities as professionals work to expand their audience. The BYF also features a number of outstanding musical acts to add the beauty of music to an outstanding three-day learning opportunity.

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